The camera has 3 MPixel, 4x digital zoom, autofocus, LED flash and is video capable.
In case you need data communication as well, use cradle ST1002 together with adapter cable CA3001.
Docking station : The desk docking station (ST4002 with USB, ST4003 with usbethernet or quad-unit station ST4004) can charge a spare battery as well as charge the battery inside in the unit.USB Option 1: docking station ST4002, ST4003: the docked Omnii connects via USB to any desktop.For start working with the unit you need at least a charging option, see below please.None of these reset-options erases OS system, so you will never be chance hill bonus code 2018 left with a non-working unit.Scanner wide variety of scanners and 1D/2D imagers for installation on backside or top side of unit, with pistolgrip.
Battery charger (ST3006 Can charge up to six batteries externally.
Option 2: snap module ST4005 - this adapter clip provides a serial DB9 port.

For example: Scanner ST9101 engine SE1224HP or Imager ST9107 engine EV15.The internal memory (ROM / Flash-RAM) can not be upgraded.POD Scanners/imagers will be attached on the backside of the unit.Product Picture (please click) Info ST9301 End Cap Blank blank endcap which covers top of back covers ST90xx.ST930x ST940x ST950x ST960x End Caps to be continued geico safe deposit box insurance - What spare parts are available?Variant XT10 XT15 Engine Range Angle Antennas ST9304 Scanner SE955 88cm 48 - ST9307 Imager 1D EV15 90cm 40 - ST9308 Imager 2D EA11 44cm 39 - ST9309 Imager 2D EA20X 80cm 26 casino games how to play blackjack - ST9314 Imager 2D SE4500 20cm 40 - ST GPS ST9404 Scanner.Some imagers require drivers to work with Omnii units.Hardware : Option 1: docking station ST4002, ST4003: the docked Omnii connects via USB to any desktop.Vehicle charging options : powered Vehicle Cradle (ST1002 This cradle charges the plugged Omnii unit with the on-board power supply (CLA power adapter CA3002 needed, or power cable CA3001 CA1210).Suitable for Omnii GSM 2,5G gprs, edge, GSM quad band umts.8G hspa five band RA3045-GPS with endcap ST95xx XT15 only.8G hspa five band RA3050-GPS with endcap ST96xx XT15 only Wifi 802.11b/g - integrated on all XT10 802.11a/b/g/n, WPA2, 802.1X - integrated on all.The slot for SD-cards is easily accessible via battery compartment.Standard stylus can be ordered as spare part: ST6101 (short, yellow) or ST6102 (long, grey).The Omnii has no internal stylus holder, so it has to be attached externaly: option 1: via stylus holder ST6310 or tether ST6103 - this holder and/or the tether allows to attach a stylus on the back of the Omnii unit.The Omnii is high modular, a variety of internal connectors allow Barcode Scanner, serial ports, radio cards and much more to be connected directly into the body of the Omnii maintaining its IP and Drop ratings.