Auto Shot Aspect of the Hawk.
When you are on the way to a specific destination and the mob pokemon go solstice xp bonus drops dead at a spot that is not on your path destination, then skip looting.
For deposit skins farmskins example, I have a bunch of Silk Cloth in my inventory, that im going to use later, but not now, instead of it wasting space in my inventory, ill send it to my ALT, then from my ALT, i'll return it right back.
The Pet Skills section has all available pet skills and information on what the skill does, it's different ranks and varying damage effects, which beats to tame to learn the skills and what rank they will be when learnt.Here are a few macros as an example.Are Dungeons Worth it?Our Vanilla Mint fragrance provides and sweet and refreshing aromatic experience to recharge your senses.One drawback for troll hunters is that the Throwing Specialization racial is a waste.And finally, Pet Macros including Revive / Mend Pet.The, macros section has a list of macros I have used and found useful.
Use good Inventory management.

Use Hotkeys Using hotkeys is more efficient than pressing icons all the time. .But if you're just playing casually, then I recommend doing retention bonus them. .The attack speed of your weapon will determine how often you will need to move and then stop to shoot.When executing the grinding along the way properly you will then be rewarded with needing to grind less once the guide tells you to "grind to catch up".Once you have your mount and plenty of gold to spare then looting becomes less important.In Vanilla WoW there simply is not enough soloable quests in the game to get you from 1-60 without needing to grind somewhat, but this largely depends on how much rested XP you use through out the leveling process. .Questing also dramatically increases faction reputation more than grinding. .

Also keep in mind the more enemies you can hit with one multi-shot the greater the mana use you will get out.
Blood Fury for Orcs is nice, but so is the 10 health regeneration for trolls.