wow rukhmar mount bonus roll

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Du hast noch keinen Account?Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount.Loot table now showing gear and mount for demon hunters.Goggles are recommended when you're riding.Contents, source, the, solar Spirehawk is dropped by, nya casino pa natet rukhmar, the world boss.
Updated - - - Originally Posted by gegalfo m/Muffinus/status/ so what about this then?

Reply With", 01:11 PM #7, originally Posted by, squigglyo, no need to be an ass about.Stop the hostility, I know what i'm saying.Even though Muffinus said that they "should" get loot, that doesn't mean that they would.PoorlyDrawnlines Reply With", 09:47 PM #16 I'm able to coin Galleon, Sha and Nalak.Reply With", 01:35 PM #10 another link to this matter.Then one day, a hotfix was applied, and suddenly it started dropping.Reply With", 12:47 PM #5, originally Posted by, joshuaNLG.I used my coin for each boss (I have Galleon's mount but testing reasons) and received gold every time (All 1400 times across my accounts.) Last edited by Sayerel; at 09:51.T/forums/en/wow/topic/ Reply With", 01:34 PM #9 Originally Posted by gegalfo m/Muffinus/status/ so what about this then?If you look at the dungeon journal you'll notice that DH's aren't eligible for the gold box so it's difficult to make a concise answer.Vorherigen Tweet einfügen, medien beifügen, auf Twitter anmelden.They are aware of this issue, and will most likely be fixed in the upcoming fixes.It makes sense that you didnt get any gear however if it is set to only drop certain items for certain specs/classes I already got 4/5 mounts from the world bosses.
Reply With", 09:15 PM #13 People should know by now to not trust when a Blizz poster says that something should work *without verifying.

Edit: lets hope that when they "properly" fix this, they will "bug" it in a way for DH to have 100 drop chance on mounts.
From time to time on sha it complained im not eligible (i think that was on my ally DHs) and i didnt got any of that normal world boss loot (bags with gold).
Updated - - - here is another link to this issue and replied by a blizzard representative on the matter.