so why not at least make them give more XP?
Time-independent rewards The recruiter receives a 30-day game credit for each recruit who purchasing two months of game time.Now you can choose from 8 different mount and pet rewardsincluding the brand-new Emerald Hippogryphand enjoy leveling benefits all the way to insättning av litium level.If the problem persists, please contact a GM in-game or submit a premium ticket and will gladly help you.Everyone, Premium users or Non-Premium users can always refer a friend.Enter your friend's email address, and a custom message if desired.If the recruit levels multiple characters to 90, each character can grant 44 levels, to the same player or different players (within the above limits, of course).Because of this, we are adjusting the XP bonus on the Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) program to ensure it reflects the updated pacing of the game as new players level their characters and explore Azeroth.In other words, a level 65 recruit can grant levels to get the veteran up to level 65, but no higher.

7) If I mistakenly sent the rocket to a character that already has it, what can I do to revert it?Lasts for 90 days after the recruitment.Recruit a Friend is a Blizzard feature to reward people who help the game to be spreaded around among those who are interested in playing.12) How can I give extra levels to my friend?Heirloom gear XP bonuses will no longer stack with the RAF boost (i.e., the maximum XP boost you will see from today onwards is 50).The first option is to relog both accounts.Some players still want a quick way to level, and telling them to spend 60 is NOT a viable alternative.World of Warcraft so that zones from 1100 will dynamically scale to your characters level.Typically, this is WoW1.You are in an RAF Party and kill the same boar.This does not stack with rested, xP, however killing mobs and farming avanza insättningsgaranti nodes does not consume rested, xP, either.Everyone, Premium and non-Premium users can from now on recruit a friend.In order to explain a little clearer, it is easiest by using an example :- -You are not in a Party (Solo) and you kill a boar.The 44 grantable level limit applies to each character on the recruited account.
The game awards 100xp which is split between both players, so that earns you 50xp each.

I'm so glad I finished leveling every class to L110 long ago, but this completely ruined my plans to play an Allied Race with my friend once they come out.
Maybe 20-30 per large piece (head, chest, legs, etc and 10-15 for small pieces (cloak, ring, etc)?
In Patch.3.5, we made significant changes to the level 1100 experience to ensure players can better enjoy the stories, quest lines, and zones they want to at their own pace.