17 CT ExpenseHistory Cost tracking mod.
The correct talent on this row depends on the encounter.
27 Viper System Message Control Redirect certain system messages to different chat windows or completely mute them.I like gogo bars, I go to them frequently.16 RestedBonus Reports on your rested bonus.She was very pleasant, a bit touchy feely, but not too aggressive.This AddOn is licenced under the GNU GPL 360 SheepWatch Displays a progress bar for Mage's Polymorph Spell 360 Naked Naked!Quick Draw causes, opportunity procs when consumed to generate 1 additional Combo Point and deal 50 additional damage.When I did buy a lady a drink, she sat with me for the whole time and did not leave to dance, or didnt drink up too quickly. .My minor complaints in this review pale into insignificance due to the fact that ITS full OF HOT girls!Awards 1 Combo Points.There were a lot of exposed electrical wiring to the right side joining on to sister bar, Bangkok Milfs.277 HunterPetSkills Search an in-game database to find where the pet skill and rank you need is located.We also have default talent lists for various types 12 character slots wow of content, such as raiding or Mythic.2018: Split talents based on gear build (T21 4p vs T21 4p, T20 2p).62 Titan Panel FriendsX An extended friends list for the Titan Panel AddOn.53 SimpleSelfCast Automatically targets you when there is no valid target.90 Improved Macro Add some macro to the game 90 Beastmaster Sorts the pet skills in the beast training window so its more logical.
Gladiator's Medallion is a 2-minute cooldown ability that clears all crowd control effects on you.
Run macros with keybindings and through other macros.

64 EasyWho Add buttons to the Who-Frame for easy configuration of a who request 64 GatherSage Adds skill-level and other information to gathering item tooltips.23 AutoDing AutoDing by Unique - Dings automatically to whatever channel 23 BookStore Duplicate and Store In-game Books 23 EgoCast Deuce'd SuperSelfCast 23 Friends Facts Remember friends level 23 FuBar-Recap FuBar Panel plugin for Recap 23 MetaMapZSM ZoneShift module for German and French clients.57920, enemy Cast Bar, shows a replication of your targets cast bar.27 topChat 27 AuroraCouncil Loot Overview and distribution addon for.12.1 World of Warcraft.92 Nurfed Utility Library for the Nurfed AddOns 92 FuBar-Garbage Drops the least valuable item in your bags to make space.695 AutoBuff Auto-casts self-buffs 689 QuestLevels Adds level information to the quest log 683 MinimapButtonBag Reduces minimap buttons and makes them accessible through a menu!Loaded Dice makes activating Adrenaline Rush cause your next Roll the Bones to grant at least two buffs.This effect stacks up to 5 times for a maximum of 40 damage and healing possible.6704 Decursive This is a raid cleaning mod.Use /sbm for options menu.143 Rawr Enable /roar sounds for every race 143 MetaMapBLT Adds Boss Loot Tables to MetaMap 142 ZeppelinMaster Displays Arrival Departure times of transports around Azeroth 142 Telo LootLink-Enhanced An in-game browseable loot window 141 Frowning Circle Throw all 4 totem types using a single.46 ShieldLeft estimates and shows the charge left on shields from Priest 46 MetaMapBKP Backup module for data backup and restore.Death Strike by 8 for each target hit.
One visit where it was a bit quiet I felt like the girls were watching the customers rather than the other way round!