wow macro equip slot numbers

Some of the best raid consumables best suited for macros are: (casters) (agility) (strength to 7red casino free slots use these potions in macros is pretty simple: /use Potion of the Jade Serpent /cast Another Spell, conclusion, for optimum dps, you cant be fiddling with lots of clicking and.
These are scripts to automatically equip and unequip gear as things happen in game.Neck Neck items category Equipment names amulet, lei, talisman, medallion, necklace, charm, choker, chain, pendant, collar.Select slots for the set, choose a name and icon and click Save.Of course it's possible to include multiple sets in one macro using modifiers as shown above).Filter by Flair, nostalgia, pTR / Beta, speculation.With Cosmos Edit If you are using Cosmos, you can use the following commands : /saveset Number /loadset Number Simple Swap Without Itemslots Edit Halow's Item Switch (1hShield to 2h) I don't know about you guys but I cant stand item slot specific macros, to complicated.equip nomodifier 1H Item Name /equip nomodifier OH Item Name /equip modifier:shift 2H Item Name Note* make sure you don't put the around your weapons.MainhandBag, mainhandBagSlot need to be specified (duh).This mod only commandeers the shortened names if they appear to be unused.Example weaponswap(2H - 1H/OH /script TargetUnit npc if ( UnitName target nil or not UnitIsUnit target npc ) then if ( not CursorHasItem ) then end end, trinkit, the best method for ensuring that you do not accidentally sell anything to a vendor is: /script.

The advantage of this method is, in comparison to the /equip and /equipslot commands, that it works better when lags appear.Battle for Azeroth is Live!Better method: /script UseContainerItem(bag, slot Will automatically equip the item referenced by bag, slot, placing any existing already equipped item in the bag slot.InventorySlots for ids and mappings.script if ( not CursorHasItem ) then PickupContainerItem(4, 2 PickupInventoryItem(16 PickupContainerItem(4, 1 PickupContainerItem(4, 2 PickupInventoryItem(17 if ( CursorHasItem ) then PickupContainerItem(4, 2 end Switch from a 2h to 1hshield /script if ( not CursorHasItem ) then PickupInventoryItem(16 if ( CursorHasItem ) then mainhandBagSlot end offhandBagSlot.The next step is to create a set for each weapon you want to use in your macros.These addons can themselves be controlled with macros if you like :-) /script PickupContainerItem(bag, slot bags count from 0 to 4 from the right, 0 being your backpack and 4 being your leftmost pack.Shiftclick a set in a menu to unequip.For those of us that are prone to doing this you can do a check to see if you are interacting with an NPC.I try to keep it locale-independant when possible (ie, warrior and most druid stances use the numbers instead of names but you'll never enter "Stormwind City" casino mobilfaktura on a deDE client for the city event.What items can be used in combination with other spells?Shift-click the minimap button to unequip the last set equipped.Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the last item and Blizzard restored the other equipment items for.Buying / Selling / LFG.
Upgrades Enchantments (Enchanters only Gems Two finger slots are available Trinket Trinket items category Upgrades Gems (Jewelcrafters only) Two trinket slots are available Main-Hand ( One-Hand / Two-Hand ) Main-hand items, One-hand items, Two-hand items categories Weapon types Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, Fist weapon, Gun.