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0/2 Improved Frost Nova: The best filler talent charlottenborg slot copenhagen in Tier.
use @mouseover, [email protected] Dense Embersilk Bandage Camouflage Toggle This is a really simple macro you can use to toggle Camouflage on or off rather than clicking on the buff to cancel.
3.3 Multiple Mages Rotations When multiple mages are within your group, it often pays to set up scorching duties.Keep these in mind.Before it does that, it also resets your focus to current target, or clears it if you dont have a target, when your focus is dead, turns friendly, you hit shift, or you dont have a focus.Useful as it gives you more options in fights with positional requirements, and lets you stay just out of range of most boss AoE.This allows for more Earth Shock which is currently the main damaging ability for Elemental Shaman.Arcane Talents 0/2 Arcane Subtlety: Two points in this talent are traditionally allocated in most spec builds, since its part of the standard Elitist Jerks deep fire build.This is primarily a Battleground selection but can be useful in Arena against 2-caster 3v3 teams.Spectral Recovery can be useful.Against arena teams which you know will consistently pressure you, take this talent to help with mobility and kiting.Changed recommended tier 4 honor talents.One button press will activate your trinket, cast Bestial Wrath, Kill Command Rabid (Ferocity pets only).Tier 1 (Level 15) Talents Earthen Rage causes your most recently attacked target to take damage over 6 seconds.
You can queue into a Fireblast, but because its only cooldown is the GCD, you cannot queue any spell after.
If you want to have more control over your trinkets, as would be the case with a PvP trinket, you can make simple macros such as these: Top Trinket Slot /use 13 Bottom Trinket Slot /use 14 The nice thing about these macros is that.

This heal can only occur once every few seconds, and has 9 charges.Try to time your scorch so you have about (scorchs cast time) * 3 time left on your Fire Vulnerability debuff.Surge of Power is the default pick for Arena due to its huge burst potential when combined with Stormkeeper 's 150 increased damage Lightning Bolt.Strengths of Elemental Shaman.2.Pressing it will automatically target the mob closest to you, send your pet on it, start your auto-attack and put your pet into assist mode.You: /s Yes, Im now accepting tickets Unsuspecting female: for what?Though this talent could be viable for heavy team fight battlegrounds like Battle for Gilneas, Warsong Gulch, or Twin Peaks.One very important use is during a Priest's Mind Control of your teammate.Use, lava Burst to empower you with Master of the Elements.Pulling aggro on a boss likely means you, and you alone, have just wiped the raid.use item:63351 /use item:62829 /use item:69240 /use item:39213 /use item:46847 /use item:47030 The items listed in this macro are not very relevant to the WoD era, but you can easily switch these item family farm seaside how many skill slots pets have #s to whatever.