26785 Power Hour UI Power Hour's UI for Vanilla WoW 25617 Postal An Extension to the Blizzard mail interface.
100 Banzai Alert Notifies you when you get aggro.
Versatility is a flat-out damage done increase and damage taken reduction.
110 Discord Frame Modifier Lets you configure any frame in your UI in any way it's possible to configure that frame.143 Rawr Enable /roar best in slot windwalker monk trinkets sounds for every race 142 Telo LootLink-Enhanced An in-game browseable loot window 141 MetaMapBLT Adds Boss Loot Tables to MetaMap 141 Frowning Circle Throw all 4 totem types using a single hotkey.2758 Ace AddOn development framework 2682 Compare Stats Determine the overall stat changes a piece of equipment will have before equiping.The Basics of Stats for Frost Mage.SV fire: 25 SV disease: 25 SV cold: 20 SV poison:.15 Minesweeper Minesweeper in World of Warcraft!249 AutoBar Configurable set of buttons that seeks out configured items in your pack for use.277 HunterPetSkills Search an in-game database to find where the pet skill and rank you need is located.34 Guild Tools Bank texas holdem poker cheats for chips Scaner (scans possesions of bank character) 34 SmartAssist Smarter assist for party members 34 SortEnchant Adds a sortablity to the enchanting window 34 TradesBar This mod will add a bar for all your trades/skills/professions 34 Loot Counter LootCounter for SCT.Race: ALL, slot 1, Type 8 (General: Raid).90 Beastmaster Sorts the pet skills in the beast training window so its more logical.70 Warmup Tracks how long between loadup events and how much memory is used upon addons 69 MegaMacro Adds 84 macro buttons with an lua box for each macro for advanced scripting 68 MetaMapEXP MetaMap export module.

14760 Informant Displays detailed item information in tooltips 14081 MobInfo Adds information about the hovered mob to the tooltip and shows health/mana information in the target frame 13331 Bongos Movable Bar Framework 13217 Titan Panel Adds a control panel/info bar on the top and bottom.486 CT BarMod Adds four additional hotkey bars.26 Corpse Info Adds class 26 Gypsy BuffBar Enhanced player effects display.4587 Xloot A remake of the built-in lootframe.Recent additions by Zindjorl @ Elune (FR server) and Krystaal @ Uther 132 TitanBG Tracks battleground queues and statistics.579 CT MasterMod Global functions for all CT mods.928 MiniCoords Show coordinates on Minimap.Can work with any timed buff.Ice Lance will no longer fire Icicles in a barrage.65 Fizzwidget AdSpace Helps you save money by not buying marked-up vendor recipes at AH 65 Strategos_Minimap Independant Battlefield Minimap 65 ABHelper Estimated Final score Estimates AB final how many casino hotel in manila scores.212 MageX Auto Buff and other simple tools for mages 211 sRaidFrames CT_RaidAssist style raid frames 211 Tooltip Wrangler Allows the user to move the tooltips freely about the screen.
258 Titan Panel Roll Clickable dice and roll overview for the Titan Panel AddOn.
460 CallToArms Call To Arms (CTA) has three main features:.

Find players and groups.
57508, enemy Cast Bar, shows a replication of your targets cast bar.