19 ClassicTooltip Converts the tooltip to the way it was at release.
Each hero has an amount of starting health, faction affiliation, race, class, specializations, and professions.
End event for quest Mind Tricks.
582 CT MasterMod Global functions for all CT mods.23 Palanoob A small interface to cast Greater blessings in rad 23 Skrom Totem Timer Creates Graphical timers for dropped totems 23 Mana Minder Used for managing mana consumables 23 AceAccept Automatically accept summons and resurrections from other players 22 AH ShowBid Shows.These decks contain 1 rare, 6 uncommons, and the rest are commons.223 Detox based on Decursive 218 MetaMapQST Displays your quests and keeps a history database.42 FuBar-compat Compatibility package to make FuBar-1.2 plugins work with FuBar-2.0 41 FuBar-ItemBonuses Easy display of item bonus info on FuBar 41 FuTextures A collection of textures for FuBar.304 cgCrafty Adding quick search functionality to the crafting window.30 QuickMountEquip Allows the user to auto-equip spurs 30 ShamanAid ShamanAid module 30 simpleMinimap Pings pinger name popup module for simpleMinimap 30 SmartEngineer Features for an Engineer to easier use created items.Reset the event after 30 secs if Halfdan is out of combat The Troll Witchdoctor Parts for Kravel Indurium News for Fizzle Dream Dust in the Swamp Zanzil's Mixture and a Fool's Stout "Get the Gnomes Drunk" "Get the Goblins Drunk" Creatures Loot for.61 CT MapMod Adds the ability to write notes on the worldmap and send/receive to/from other players.Gathering no longer fails after patch.1.0 * gathering items with orange skill level will no longer fail as it has been removed with patch.1.0 Spells EffectSanctuary should stop attack Fixed proc of Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom * Spell Item - Icecrown Reputation.No configuration required 118 Titan Panel Factions A simple factions reputation list for the Titan Panel AddOn.Cataclysm Set - 2 exclusive cards were included in the Collector's Edition of Cataclysm with a starter deck and a Landro's Gift loot card.23 AutoDing AutoDing by Unique - Dings automatically to whatever channel 23 BookStore Duplicate and Store In-game Books 23 EgoCast Deuce'd SuperSelfCast 23 Friends Facts Remember friends level 23 FuBar-Recap FuBar Panel plugin for Recap 23 MetaMapZSM ZoneShift module for German and French clients.Drudger, Tinkerer Sniggles, Venture.References edit External links edit).Wrath of the Lich King Set - 2 exclusive cards were included in the Collector's Edition of WotLK with 2 March of the Legion starter decks.
Add spell radius to 'Feral Charge - Cat' since it's missing in DBC Fixed Dragon's Breath with Living Bomb explosion Violet Hold - Defense System Sheath of Light - overheal scaling fix Remove a phase hack for The Eye of Acherus Items deposit address generation error liqui Fix availability.
Cryptozoic Entertainment announced the acquisition of the game's license and that planned card sets would be released.

We have several great additions this time around, including Community and Guild Chats and we finally get that in-app calendar it's been sorely missing!16 RestedBonus Reports on your rested bonus.22 Link Wrangler 22 SpellAlertOptions Load on demand option windows for SpellAlert (modified again).25 Stacker Permits to stack automagically items.46 ShieldLeft estimates and shows the charge left on shields from Priest 46 idChat2 Timestamps Adds timestamps to all messages in all chatframes.230 FuBar-FuXP Lightweight xpbar (inspired by Bant) 224 SpellAlert SCT Warns the player of the spell being casting from the hostile units through SCT.
248 AutoBar Configurable set of buttons that seeks out configured items in your pack for use.
Useful to find out if you are still on the quest 438 SpecialTalent Needed to load SpecialTalentUI 435 Satrina Buff Frames Buff Frames 428 FastQuest Displays quest levels 403 FuBar-Clock A simplistic clock.