However, the fact that our opponent likely plays fairly fit-or-fold on the flop and calls with some poor holdings preflop means that raising and making a half-pot continuation bet is often best with a wide range of hands.
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Play flush draws and straight draws aggressively in heads up games, because aggression gives those odds of making your hand a much greater value with folding equity throw into the mix, which is of immense value against only one opponent.
The biggest mistake people make is seeing our ABC starting point as a final strategy, with few adjustments needed.Your edge in the match depends on your skill level relative to your opponent.You can mix up your game by changing your bet sizes, or changing the starting hands you choose to raise/re-raise with.Its also important to not get discouraged by short-term results because the variance in HU matches can be truly disheartening at times.To decide which hands are profitable to shove, or call an all-in, you can use online charts or software such as SNG-Wizard.Sit and Go Tournaments or, multi-Table Tournaments should be your goal.What About VS Loose Heads Up Opponents?Constant aggression allowing me to win the majority of the pots.

Your stack is 2850 and your opponent has 150.Always enter the pot with a raise.You can profitably shove even wider against players opening many hands.But when you do sit second, seek out weak players and avoid the regulars.Think about how we process new information and what the exploitative starting point looks like for the random opponent in your games.If you play poker long enough, then you will end up in a position where you know when you are beat, its these times that you must learn to have the discipline to let your hands.Don't push the aggression but rather look for boards that develop favorably when firing multiple bullet bluffs.The effective stack is therefore 5 BB and you should play accordingly.A winning player should have a minimum of 30 buy-ins for the level that he is playing at, but 50 buy-ins is preferable to ensure that you can handle even the worst downswings. Which will be the topic of next article as we continue this heads-up series!At least you shouldnt be doing it very often: either fold or raise from the small blind.The fact that people play poorly in limped pots OOP means that we can also develop a limping range with middling hands that play well in limped pots, like T8o, although it is certainly debatable whether limping is worth it at all without additional reads.Even hands like gutshot straight draws can be good to be aggressive with at the right times.
Some people say it to mean just bet when you have it, and check when you don't, others mean it as quite the opposite, focusing on being balanced until you learn what your opponent's strategy.
Proceed post-flop by cbetting less, but look for 'thinner' value.