wing slot abluescarab and boffin

We'll have help from some new friends as well!
MaxStackPlus - ColinAV, cosmetic Variety Legends - Jenosis.Shift-right-click to equip wings in the vanity slot.V7t8lRdpv5IQ Thank you very much for watching and supporting me with a Like, Comment, Share, etc.Sacred Tools - RexodinoLP, cheat Sheet - jopojelly and Gorateron.WeaponOut - Flashkirby99, calamity - MountainDrew, even More Modifiers - Hiccup251.Right-click vanity wings to swap with equipped wings.Known Issues, yoraiz0r's Spell eye glow doesn't work.Warning, unequip your wings from the dedicated slot before updating or disabling this mod!Left-click the eye icon on the equip slot to toggle visibility.All the Walls - jopojelly, more Accessories - Eldrazi, spirit Mod - PhoenixBlade and Team.All while mobbed by unfamiliar foes!Joost Mod - Joost8910, alchemist NPC - VVV101, magic Storage - Bluemagic123.
In Fury's Modded Terraria, we'll be exploring all the content added by these mods.
We'll also be building up this world to epic proportions - creating farms, arenas, giant castles and small towns!

We'll have help from some new friends as well!, current Mods Installed: tModLoader v - tremor Remastered.3 - Tremor Mod team.Infinity - Lolkat, which Mod Is This From?Mod Compatibility, if your mod needs to override right-click functionality: Mod wingSlot tMod WingSlot if(wingSlot!VVV101 for released updated version vizthex for suggesting slot location option no deposit signup bonus sports jofairden for suggesting mod compatibility slot overrides.Legend of Terraria 3 - Sapharan.Itemtronics - FeldrinH, wing Slot - abluescarab and Boffin.Boffin for TerraUI, zsashas for bug report (custom dye incompatibility).Right-click to equip wings.Project_Logic - Rartrin, crystilium - Graydee and Team, fargo's Mutant Mod - Fargowilta.Grealm and Base Mod - Grox the Great.Bluemagic's mod - Bluemagic123, expeditions and Base - Flashkirby99, boss Checklist - jopojelly.Thorium - DivermanSam, zoaklen - Zoaklen, ersion - EliANS imkSushi's Mod - imkSushi imkSushi: potions add-on - imkSushi.Chad's Furniture More - 360ChadScope, subscribe: /2nD7TPc, follow me on Twitter: m/FuryForged, follow me on Facebook: m/FuryForgedOfficial.Org Music -Outro- Artist: Phantom Sage m/thefantomofficial m/phantomsage m/phantomsage m phantomsage_ Track: Miko (NCS Release) Video: m/watch?TModLoader Mod Update List: /2rpS5P Current Mods Installed: tModLoader v - /1oxRrg0 Thorium - DivermanSam imkSushi's Mod - imkSushi MaxStackPlus - ColinAV Furniture, Food and Fun - Jenosis Calamity - MountainDrew Project_Logic - Rartrin Crystilium - Graydee and Team Fargo's Mutant Mod - Fargowilta Wing.The Luggage - jopojelly, prefixes for Enemies - Hiccup251, pumpking's baofeng dm-5r slot proble Mod - Pumpking.
Yet Another Boss Health Bar - FlashKirby99.

This mod adds a dedicated wing slot to the armor and accessories page of the inventory (next to the defense icon).
Credits jopojelly for code that draws a slot to the left of the dyes; for fixing multiplayer issues and various other bugs.