Annette Taylor, Department of Natural Resources Environment It was a fast paced interesting and informative session presenting up to date and useful information Lorna Heiman, Victoria Grants Commission It will improve my working life Tula Sahinidis, Dept of Human Services Made me really think about.
Irene Loughton, Education Department of WA Very informative. .Very useful for my position.Marian Corrie, West Australian Petroleum I tv bingo 22 kolo thought todays program was fruitful and relevent to my work Sandra Fleury, Ministry of Justice I thought my minute taking was good before doing this workshop. .Karen Suey, QLD Ambulance Service David was a fun and fantastic presenter, who made it fun which had more impact to remember what he said.Cathy Bryant, Dept of Minerals Energy A very enjoyable course Pamela Burgess, Ministry of Justice A totally inspirational, educational session. .I'm not when it comes to spreadsheets. .The program is populate dimm slots half a day.Peter Rowe, Agriculture WA Gave me a different perspective to minute taking - so much easier Molly Elympos, Office of the Auditor General Gave me a better idea of what minute taking is all about.I spend hours transcribing and making sense of my notes is there a better way?Christina Lim, Fisheries WA I learnt a new way of taking minutes and the course wasn't boring.We are in the process of formalising and standardising minutes and agendas across the organisation. .Alma Vanderklau, WA Fire Brigades Board Very informative, clarified many questions as to how to record what you need, the info everyone else needs. .It is definitely a new way of minute taking which is up to the 'nineties' standards. .
How casino slot tactics do I know what to write down and what to leave out?

I will definitely go away and use this new method.The hard bit is putting it into practice Jane Stanifourth, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Excellent course - David never lost my interest throughout the course - very interesting and informative.Mariette Wiltshire-Butler, Health Dept Informative, but still not sure about what information I should be obtaining Susanne Blakely, Law Reform Commission Informative and useful.Recommended Quynh - Tram Trinh, The Department of Treasury Very informative and useful.Careeme Spain, South East Health Informative. .Mary Steele, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service I have a clearer idea of what is expected of me as a minute taker Michelle Hilton,.R.S.I hope I can implement changes.Lisa Keller, Environmental Protection agency Today was an excellent learning experience and I have learnt a lot and enjoyed the atmosphere Elsa Hedger, Transadelaide Useful, concise information presented in all entertaining manner - will make a big difference to my effectiveness in minute taking Kaye.
And hopefully save a few trees.
Lesley Williams, WA Alcohol Drug Authority Excellent presentation with a good demonstration of summary of meetings and minute taking. .