Relationship Marketing The process of building a relationship with customers which results in the customers becoming more loyal, buying more, and staying as customers.
Continuity Products or services bought as a series of small purchases, rather than all at one time.
Very clean and neat looking.New computers today have 32 megabytes of memory, which can be expanded.Affluents, households with 30 or more than the cost of living plus taxes.If we had 4,000 customers last year, and they recommended new customers to us, of whom 240 became customers, the referral rate would.The alternative to a terminal is.Call Tracking Keeping track of what happened to customer calls.Geocoding A time deposit savings account system for assigning a census code to any name and address.Inbound telemarketing is usually customers or prospects calling your toll free number.Market Rate of Interest The cost of borrowing money by your company from banks or other institutions.Agent, the word for a telephone operator in a modern inbound call center in a company that takes a lot of customer service and sales calls.Frequency A term for how many times a person buys from you.
Merge/purge A software system used to merge many different input tapes in differing formats and put them into a common format for a mailing.

Compiled list Names and addresses taken from directories, newspapers, public records.They make the computer more powerful.The opposite of on-line is off-line (or Batch) which usually means that the database is kept on magnetic tape.Respondent Someone who has answered a direct response letter or advertisement.CIF Customer Information File usually in banks and financial institutions.FSI Free Standing Insert.List broker A service which brings list owners and prospective list renters (users) together.Purge To eliminate undesirable names from a list.Predictive Model A model which predicts the response to a promotion.See also edit References edit "Time Deposit ".
CPI Cost per inquiry CPO Cost per order CPU Central Processing Unit.
This is the fastest and cheapest way to update records.