weapon slot upgrade borderlands multiplayer not received

Players can now receive loyalty rewards for DLC characters.
Fixed a crash when loading a character that had the "Mighty Morphin" mission active in the "Collect 4 samples" state.
Addressed a rare issue where the Host player could be color line fantasy casino invisible for clients.
Mechromancer customization item text will now display properly when playing the game in Spanish or Italian.Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep bank safe deposit box wells fargo (Tiny Tina insättning via bankomat handelsbanken DLC) Addressed an issue causing Zer0's critical hit indicator to not display on Mimics.Addressed an issue where only one instance of Death Mark could be applied in a multiplayer game.Permanent Hot-Fix to modify Vermivorous so that he always drops something from his unique pool.Fixed an exploit involving Vladof rocket launchers that could result in having infinite ammo for any weapon.Fixed an issue where players could cause the round to not fail in a Slaughter mission if a surviving player disconnects while all others are out.Players will no longer become permanently slowed when exiting a vehicle while under the slowing effect of a Cryovine.Missions Addressed issues with the following missions that could cause players to get stuck or not be able to complete them: My First Gun Clan War: Wakey Wakey No Vacancy Shielded Favors Breaking the Bank Toil and Trouble A Train To Catch (Tiny Tina DLC).Addressed an issue that could cause the Psycho's Hellfire Halitosis visual effects to persist indefinitely.Oz Kits will now show comparison arrows on their item cards if the element types do not match.

Update.2.1 (Released November 14, 2012) Fixed an issue causing bank slots to be capped at 14 instead.Fixed an issue where players could occasionally be unable to connect to one another if one of them had recently been in DLC that the other doesn't have.(Tiny Tina DLC) Added Dragon Keep head customizations to Dice chests.Drop rates for the Cobra have been increased.Addressed a rare issue where players who did not complete the optional "Collect Slag Samples" objective would not properly spawn back into the Natural Selection Annex.Fixed an issue where the Building a Robot Army mission could fail to advance at the Destroy Powersuits objective.Movement speed bonuses from Aurelias A Backhand to Remember skill are now accurate to the description.December 22, 2015, borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, players should no longer get stuck on the File Search mission during the Go to Memory Bank 2 and Reopen Data Stream objectives.Fixed issue regarding connectivity problems involving routers with restricted Firewall UDP settings.

Fixed players who have lost access to their 3rd or 4th weapon slot erroneously.
Addressed a problem where the SHiFT account screen would sometimes not respond to input if players were using a gamepad but Steam was not in Big Picture mode.