warrior tier 18 set bonus

4-piece bonus - When Flame Shock deals periodic damage, you have a 5 chance to gain 5 stacks of Searing Flames and reset the cooldown of Lava Lash.
4-piece bonus - Holy Power consumers have a 25 chance to make your next Divine Storm free and deals 50 more damage.
Forums skills talent Calculator item - Mage T18 Frost 2P Bonus - Water Jet generates Brain Freeze when used, and the Brain Freeze effect increases Frostfire Bolt damage by an additional.
How that works in reality though, I am not sure.4-piece bonus - For 10 sec after Demoralizing Shout fades onff your targets, you gain Rage from taking damage.LFR T18 Plate Tank 4P Bonus You have a chance when taking damage to gain Fel Bulwark, absorbing 23,500 damage for 6 sec.Thats up to 5000 haste or mastery on top of what you already have, assuming you can keep the stacks active.Rogue ( Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator ) Shaman ( Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator ) Item - Shaman T18 Enhancement 2P Bonus - Whenever you gain a Maelstrom Weapon charge, you Electrocute all nearby enemies within 10 yards for 15.75 of Spell.Haunt has a 10 chance to refund its shard when expiring.This is in addition to your free cast from procs so will do two great things for a druid healer, bring down overall mana usage and increase amount healed since Healing Touch will be cast a lot faster more often.Serenity now lasts 5 seconds for Brewmaster Monks poker stege på bordet (down from 10 seconds).The 4-piece bonus is an even bigger DPS increase across the board with potentially the Beast Master winning out on the increase due to the stacking nature of the effect they earn with.Please note that these may change before actual release, however since the patch release is within 2 weeks of this date, major changes are highly unlikely.
Every 3 sec the effect diminishes.
Melee DPS (Feral 2-piece bonus - Omen of Clarity increases damage of Shred, Mangle, and Ravage by 50 for 6 sec.

Abilities against a target with Vendetta on it increase your mastery by 250 for 5 sec, stacking up to 20 times.Item - Priest T18 Discipline 2P Bonus - Your Penance damage and healing is increased by 12 for 15 sec each time it deals damage or heals.All of which are great for a caster.Item - Shaman T18 Enhancement 4P Bonus - Maelstrom charges increase the damage done by your Nature spells by an additional 5, and you may now have a maximum of 10 Maelstrom charges.DPS (Retribution 2-piece bonus - When Art of War activates, all damage is increased by 5 for 6 sec.Item - Priest T18 Shadow 4P Bonus - When your Shadowfiend or Mindbender expires, you gain Premonition, increasing your Multistrike chance by 20 for 15 sec.The healer 2-piece bonus looks good as well as a 45 absorb added to free is pretty good on anything as is the 4 piece bonus that provides a chance at a free heal when you use a heal.Inferno Blast also causes your next Pyroblast to be a critical strike.As with tier 15 the warlock secret world legends extra character slot tier bonuses seem to be pretty plain.Item - Monk T18 Brewmaster 4P Bonus - Every time you use Expel Harm, the remaining cooldown of your Guard is reduced by 5 sec.This effect can stack up to 3 times.
Item - LFR T18 Leather Tank 4P Bonus - When hit by a damaging attack, you gain Fel Mending, healing you for 6,000 over 6 sec.