Now, I think you can just go with Intensify and free spins mobilebet thats still gonna cap out your Shatter Shield at 95 damage reduction which is the most important thing here.
This mod setup is extremely strong when it comes to equipment slots wow follower bfa dealing damage because its a mix of critical multi, shot damage, fire rate and then two elemental mods which are replaceable depending on what faction you are facing.
I will take it into defense, mobile defense, interception, and generally just enemy physical enhancement, enemy elements enhancement, and Eximus Stronghold.So, it is a very strong setup indeed and I like it an awful lot.It is one of my most used setups for sorties.It is far more efficient in my opinion to go with the weapon thats already effective with that astralbet no deposit bonus kind of build.Its also affected by crit so we go with Primed Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker.My Mesa Peacemaker Build doesnt focus as much on kill time though it still does more than enough damage to take you through sortie three (Eximus Stronghold, Physical Enhancement, and Elemental Enhancement) it focuses far more on efficiencies, survivability, and sort of just a quality.

For the new Reddit design, go to flair to set user flair and text.Today were going to check out Mesa Peacemaker Build.100/150 choosing each of your mods carefully is very important in creating the strongest Mesa Prime setup.So, youd have to be insanely accurate towards the end.The secret to the best Mesa Prime build is to get enough fire rate because Peacemaker has a damage multiplier that ramps up.5 times after 20 bursts which is why firing mods are really a must.Though you have to bear in mind that you have to keep up your Shatter Shield because if that goes down you will go down very shortly afterward.Now, the damage of Peacemaker is affected by a ton of different stuff.And finally I have Primed Flow which a lot of people disagreed with last time but I really like it and it just makes sense to me on this setup, especially because of how Peacemaker works - the more shots you take the more damage.
Getting - Armor is essential for doing enough DPS as the Mesa Prime at max rank because at higher levels enemies have a lot of damage reduction and you getting huge amounts of damage without some form of penetration will result in just lower amount.

So, I thank you very much for reading as always.
And while you could run Energy Siphon to get a little bit of energy here and there it is kind of pointless because it gets deactivated during Peacemaker.