I also have about 50 korean maps that I have been unable to test.
But once again, all are fairly fun, save perhaps Quidditch which is very lame, but included for completeness.
Some others are well made though, or atleast interesting.
A Day at the Library, monkey Defense, royal Guard.Snipers: I was a competitive sniper player "back in the days".There are about 930 maps, all sorted and organized nicely into folders by Locked from.I highly recommend t exp and t exp 2 highly recommend everyone should watch them MTG: Just another fun old map.Micro Problems: Different from Arena, most of these are about doing a specific task, and many require a team of people.

I'm sure there are defense fans out there still though.Random: This has some of the most fun maps in this pack.Advance Wars is also amazing in the way that it emulates the actual amazing game.Leaves me with about 700 maps not thrown out as crap and atleast 200 maps that I must test 12/29/2005: I still have about 5 maps to test because I need other people to start the game, I've tested many maps by myself, and even.DungeonUp, wrassling, pixel Warfare, stick Squad, aquatic can a ddr4 module fit in a ddr3 slot Rescue.Laissez-vous guider par notre liste de jeux populaires : Telecharger jeu simulation vol pc, jeux repérage quadrillage, jeu de bisous au travail gratuit, jeux noël a tirage, jeux gratuits rumble town racing, jeu poker gratuit 7070 software index, jeux flash gratuit mario bros, jeu camion.Don't overlook Zone Control either.Check the spoiler below to read the readme.The exception is Virtual Battle which is easily the fastest paced map here and can be quite fun and interesting.It feels basically like Team Micro Arena although it's fairly well made in that respect.