time deposit account definition and example

Times, Sunday Times (2010)Investors dissatisfied with the low returns on bank deposit accounts are diverting their cash into property.
Economy; not only as a chinesisches roulette trailer place to deposit your money safely, but as a source of best casino in london uk money to lend.Times, Sunday Times (2011)Investors would have been better off putting their money in a deposit account with a bank or building society.Depositors don't have access to funds and can't break the deposit without a penalty.We can strip poker pl see that a larger initial deposit and the length of maturity for the CDs can make a difference in the rates paid by the banks.Times, Sunday Times (2007)In addition, the money in your deposit account remains yours, so you can withdraw it at any time you want.Learning Outcome, after reviewing this lesson, you should be able to explain what a bank run is and its impacts on the financial system.That 10 is called the reserve requirement and is set by the, federal Reserve, the same agency that determines interest rates.Cons, time deposit interest rates are usually lower than other investments.Investors also face a risk in reinvestment during times of falling interest rates.Below are a few of the bank's CDs along with the interest rate paid to depositors.Runs on the bank aren't about the news customers are worried about; they are all about how worried the customers get, and how many head straight to the bank to get their money.Investors are at risk of being locked in a low-rate time deposit missing out if interest rates rise.It all happened because customers lost trust in these institutions.A run on the bank is when many customers demand their funds at the same time, putting the bank at risk of having to hand out all of their cash on hand and simply running out of money.Having only 10 of deposits on hand at any given time can be a recipe for disaster.
Adding to that risk is the tendency for people to panic.
Fixed interest rates don't keep pace with inflation or rising prices in the economy.

Time deposits pay a higher interest rate than most savings and checking accounts.Final Thoughts, wachovia and Washington Mutual demonstrated the financial harm that can be done because of a run on the bank.These investments carry fdic and ncua protection, depending on the financial institution where they are bought.The investor could invest the same funds into other stocks or bonds and receive a higher yield.When you deposit your money at the bank, the bank doesn't keep all of your money in a safe.Times, Sunday Times (2011).Retail Banks and What They.The Downside of Time Deposits, as with most financial products, there are advantages and disadvantages to time deposit accounts.Typically, the longer the term, the higher the interest rate that the depositor receives.While these investments are safe and offer flexible entry points for the investor, the rate of return is usually lower than that received on other investments.Money is an important thing to most people, and the fear of losing their money because their bank ceases to exist will make it easy for people to panic.
Example of a Run on the Bank.
In 2008 that number increased.

Time deposits offer investors a fixed interest rate until maturity.
September 25 was a Thursday, which doesn't sound like it is a big deal, but regulators generally shut down banks on Friday.