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What if the roof covering is not Class A rated?
The new UL1703 standard with the updated fire test introduces the concept of a PV module Type that is based on 4 construction parameters and 2 fire performance parameters.
What if I have a Class C roof, but the jurisdiction now requires Class A or B?Attachments and their respective flashings are not constituents of the rating at this time.Can an outdoor-rated bonding jumper be used instead of an IronRidge Grounding Strap?Alternative bonding jumpers are not included within the UL 2703 listing.Additionally, a constriction at the top of the Cap's slot stops loose hardware from slipping out.
IronRidge has passed electrical, mechanical, and fire testing in order to achieve its UL 2703 listing.

Perimeter drains are sometimes installed around septic absorption fields to help drain wet soils (absorption fields need well drained soils to function properly).Class A Fire Rating What is the new fire rating requirement?Do solar modules have a Fire Class rating?How is the grounding different from weebs?What mounting height is acceptable?The entire Flush Mount System's UL 2703 listing can be found on page 3 of the installation manual.Perimeter drains usually connect (outlet) to existing field tiles, open ditches or to the ground surface on the side of a slope.California has the most class alaea crablet not giving bonus xp a and b roof fire rating requirements, due to wild fire concerns.All code-compliant flashing methods are acceptable from a fire rating standpoint.New language in the 2012 IBC states that a roof mounted photovoltaic system must have the same fire classification as the roofing material the system is installed upon.What certification documents are available for FlashFoot2?The purpose of this classification is to certify a mounting system without having to test it with every module.Class A - effective against severe fire exposure Class B - effective against moderate fire exposure Class C - effective against light fire exposure Where is class A required?
Tilt Mount systems are certified with Type 1 modules.

The general requirement for roofing systems in the ibc refers to a class c fire rating.
Classified: A system is tested evaluated to only a portion of the standard.
Fire Classification refers to a fire-resistance rating system for roof covering materials based on their ability to withstand fire exposure.