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I corrected the tooltip for the Fury 4p bonus.
Demon Hunter: Felreaper Vestments.Ein ebenmäßiges Hautbild ohne Glanz.Tier 21 - Nagastalker On Tuesday, we went over some possible fixes for Beast Mastery's 2 piece and 4 piece set bonuses, to bring them in line with a more typical damage increase from a set bonus.Tier 21, armor, set Bonuses and how to get the Underlight Emerald Fishing Appearance.Rogue: Regalia of term deposit rates the Dashing Scoundrel Assassination 2-piece bonus now increases the critical strike chance of Deadly Poison and Wound Poison by 60 (was 15) for 6 seconds.Hunter: Serpentstalker Guise, beast Mastery 4-piece bonus now reduces the cooldown of Aspect of the Wild.5 seconds (was.0 seconds).4-piece bonus now has a 10 chance (was 8) to increase your haste by 15 (was 20) for 6 seconds.Beast Mastery turned out to be relatively simple to fix, though required a strong buff to the 2 piece and a slight re-work of the 4-piece (while keeping casumo casino kokemuksia the same basic mechanic/concept).
With that being said, the damage from Rampage would need to be enough for us to recover from the loss of CoF, which means less overall casts.

Thanks for the reports.I just fixed the 2 piece HoT to correctly be able to critical strike.Filed Under: Antorus Hotfixes, Antorus Sets, Tier 21, Tier 21 Set Bonuses.Tier 21 set bonuses.4-piece bonus now increases the damage of your Rampage by 25 (was 75) for 8 seconds.Blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you.Though the tooltip says 0 buff to next Rampage after casting BC, it's several hundred percent.Lets talk about the Guardian Tier 21 set bonuses.
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The most recent T21 4P bonus will be changed in a future patch to a 100 chance to grant the.