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Aside from this 10-year GIC, BMO offers a number of other GICs of different terms, types, and ls bet no deposit bonus rates, so youll be able to find exactly what youre looking for no matter your savings goals.
Typically, the longer youre willing to invest your money for, the higher the interest rate youll receive.See also our savings account comparison chart.If you want howtopriest best in slot to keep casino deposit bonus best your GIC tax-sheltered, this is one of your best options.One of their more eye-catching products is the rising-rate term deposit, where accountholders earn more and more interest for every year money is invested.You only need a minimum of 1,000 and redeemable GICs are available for terms 1 year and above.Likewise, where most GICs are simple cash investments, others are linked to the stock market.Best GIC Rates by Provider.Use our GIC rate comparison tables below, broken down by provincially insured GICs (usually from a Credit Union) and cdic insured GICs, input your desired investment amount, select the GIC type and GIC term and the table will output GIC rates that fit your criteria.
High-interest savings accounts or hisas are exactly what the name suggests, a bank account that pays you interest on keeping your cash.

If your goal is to save for the short-term and just beat your banks savings account interest rate, you can get a basic cashable GIC.If you need to access your money before the 1-year term is up, your GIC can be redeemed within the first 89 days with no interest paid.They offer both cashable and non-cashable options, as well as US dollar GICs.Eligible for personal balances only (includes both new purchases and renewals and balances in registered and non-registered plans).To be included in the GIC chart, rates have to be posted publicly and be available without needing to go through a broker.Education Centre to learn about the GICs that best suit your saving needs.They require a minimum investment of at least 1,000 to open a GIC.
Meridian Credit Union GIC Rates Meridian, based.