Up to 4 stacks, each gives 1 additive damage reduction (all types).
While it is still important to minmax videoslots com cas them for best benefit for situation/playstyle, it is vital to understand that stormfall age of war dragon stone 6th slot relics are single least important gear piece on your character.Dealing damage is your job, but not your priority.They are so poor, even if you forget to use your clickable ones and your rng never procs you wont notice the difference.NB: pulling mob in between 2 separated ones can make target-based AoEs hit all three when aimed at the one you pulled.Uptime is too low and any mob/boss in PvE that requires burst cant be stunned.Features: You can keep your main buffs by spending just over 3 GCDs over 15 seconds.Low level mods, amoring and earpieces continue to sell quickly, but only for relatively low prices.There might be no reason to use it either (read: pretty much always past initial 30 seconds but better safe than sorry.
All classes, as early as level 14, can now acquire a great deal of Orange modable armor via the Social Vendors on planets or the CE vendor.

Contents, intro.0 Darkness Assassin, preamble.11: your character gets stuck right in place, but gets teleported after speed buff expires.Reapers Rush Situational You can use Assassinate on any enemy bypassing sub 30 hp requirement within 10 seconds after using Phantom Stride.Target cast bar in focus.You fall off a cliff.Works with some Styrak tactics, would be good for Brontes but you wont have a spare point for it, overall below average.One of ours is built into rotation, other is on 10 second cd and nearly always available on single target.Don't make the mistake of adding all the individual stats from the mods to the total listed above them.

Hitboxes, you are considered ranged even when UI shows 0m to target.