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The STM3240G-eval evaluation board is a complete demonstration and development platform for the STM32F407IGH6 high-performance 32-bit microcontroller with armcortex-M4F processor.
Dependencies: SDFileSystem mbed, using SD cards with, sTM32F407VET6 black boards, to use the on-board micro SD card slot with this demo program connect the board pins one another with wires as indicated below.
The full range of hardware features on the board helps users to evaluate all the peripherals (USB-OTG HS, USB-OTG FS, Ethernet, motor-control, CAN, microSD-card, smartcard, usart, best netent slots for wagering audio-DAC, RS-232, IrDA (up to board MB786 C-07 sram, ST-mems, eeprom and others) and to develop applications.The in-circuit ST-link/V2 tool can easily be used for jtag and SWD interface debugging and programming.Using SD cards with STM32F407VET6 boards.SPI pins, sDIO pins, pC_3 PD_2, pC_2 PC_8, pB_10 PC_12.Boot from user Flash memory, system memory or sram.Two CAN-2.0 A/B channels on the same D-subminiature connector.IrDA transceiver (up to board version MB786 C-07).To use the on-board micro SD card slot with this demo program connect the board pins one another with wires as indicated below.Key Features STM 32 F 407 IGH6 microcontroller 16-Mbit sram microSD memory-card slot (card provided) Boot from user Flash memory, system memory or sram ISO/IEC 14443 smartcard Type-A and Type-B support I2 C-bus interface for.Evaluation board with STM 32 F 407IGH6 MCU."13 Reasons Why Is Not the Force for Mental Health Awareness People Say It Is"."A History of the wsop: The Champions".
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