The cutscene ends with Lewis informing the player that no deposit bonus code for jumba bet he will leave the Community Center unlocked in the future.
The screen will go dark and JojaMart will go out of business and leave town.Reward : Dish O' The Sea (5).Dye Bundle: Red Mushroom, Sunflower, Duck Feather, Aquamarine, Red Cabbage, Sea Urchin (nagroda - Seed Maker).Uwaga - jeśli wykupisz w JojaMart członkostwo za 5000 monet, to Community Center stanie się jedynie magazynem dla supermarketu.In fact, Jojas presence is the reason the community center has fallen into disrepair, and why the local mom and pop businesses are suffering.Thereafter, all Golden Scrolls at the Community Center can be read by the player.Polish translation for Stardew Valley, permissions and credits, credits and distribution permission.

Po tym poprostu wybierz w ustawieniach język portugalski i gotowe.To fulfill the "Rat Problem" quest, the player must re-enter the Community Center and interact with.Sturgeon - Lakes, Daytime, Summer and Winter.River Fish Bundle, sunfish - River, Daytime, Spring and Summer.In multiplayer, it's possible to get stuck if you are not the player that finished all the bundles in the completed room, the only way to get out, is to disconnect (if the host disconnects, progress will not be saved) or pass out.Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz All Eggs (except Void egg).Następnego dnia otrzymasz od czarownika (wizard) informację w skrzynce na temat problemu ze szczurami (rat problem).Entering town from another direction, at another time, or on a day that is rainy, will not trigger the cutscene.
Now that the Center is finished, Pierre asks everyone to boycott JojaMart in order to take advantage of their second chance that the player has given them.

Polskie tłumaczenie do Stardew Valley.
Arston88, specjalne podziękowania dla Tsbook za wykonanie Polskiej czcionki.