Submitted by: Melissa, well i don't know much ideas but one idea would be is to compile a top 100 or 500 or 1000 list of 80's songs and do a countdown like in radio style or video style oh and it can be any.
While you spin the reels in normal play you can enjoy a magical harp sound to give a mysterious feel to the main game.
I got Dragon's lair on DVD, along with copies of a few movies (including Liquid Sky!
Have an 80s dress.We also bought 80's candy.Started by raiding my parents house for some memorabilia to put up around the house, like some garbage pail kids cards, old magazines, a poster of Tron and a history of videogames.I passed out a trivia contest when people arrived and had them turn it in when they finished and gave out a prize for the best one.Pop rocks for everyone!We are having an 80's Halloween party.Then I found a Ronald Reagan calendar, a Breakfast Club poster and Lost boys poster and hung then around.DJ cody: Spins The Best Of: 80's New Wave Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, Electro, Goth More.As my kitchen has fluorescent lighting, I will be replacing the white bulbs with those groovy black UV ones.Submitted by: Loren Cheng, we borrowed tons of vintage 80's clothes, cut out cardboard cutouts, dressed the cutouts, and tacked them to the wall!And decked out the place with 80's decor and had everyone dress in 80's.
I have sent out a list of ideas along with the invitations on what to wear, how to do your hair and so forth.
I had an 80's party a few years ago, which was a lot of fun.

We decided to create our own 80's mix mp3 cd instead of hiring a Dj, so that we can be sure to have the perfect mix.It was so much fun to research the 80's and to see how far we have come!The VIP guest lanyard is another special symbol with even more excitement to offer, once this is activated the slot changes into Rock mode with the players bet increases by x50 as they play an extended version of the slot with the colossal 2,187 ways.I found my old Lazer Tag as well(it was the copy, called Photon).If you have any issue with this game please write.Submitted by: Raquel.Submitted by: Misty The 80s was not only rock n roll.Submitted by: Sofia I had an 80's party a couple years ago and did a lot of what the others have posted, but the other thing I incorporated was a PowerPoint presentation that played on a projector for the entire night with the events, inventions.Clothing and jewelry can be found in friends' attics and secondhand stores.And most of all, don't take yourself too seriously - have fun!Play 80's music and played 80' trivia pursuit.Also the person who answered the most questions got a 80's ns of fun.Submitted by: Ryshtyan Our 80's party is next month and thus far we've got a DeLorean that'll be parked in the driveway, gull-wing doors open with Miami Vice soundtrack blaring.
If you live here in Arizona, GCS is the best place to have your 80's night!
In my bedroom, which will be open to the public for the first time, like, ever, 80's video clips taped off cable onto VHS will be playing on.