Q: Patch A: PatchrdomodpatchPatch Q: RDO A: MCM2script rdordordo Q: DLC A: DLC Q: RDOscript A: : RDOscript.
Require waccf, and Rustic Clothing.Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes by kryptopyr This file ensures compatibility between Legacy and waccf.The main purpose of these, is to fix an issue the game bet at home bonus code bestandskunden has concerning plugins.This is great for testing whilst modding, and for role-play options when you finally start.Find skse/plugins/ i and open it via Notepad (or normal Notepad).Advanced Adversary Encounters by Tx12001, this file ensures certain enemies have Legacy added items.Follower Live Package flpflppatch - 5 euro deposit casino paysafecard MOD6.Load Order.
2) Lanterns of Skyrim - 1 Description : It adds additional external lights to towns, villages, farms, mills, and roads.
Extras : Download claralux SSE MCM.

Note : It's recommended to download it manually, and then add it to your mod manager.Dark Brotherhood for Good Guys by Mordivier, general Compatibility fixes.22) Lockpicking Interface Redone - (Y) Description : A completely new look.Alternate Start Race Menu Activator - it enables you to create a 'New Game' save with all your MCM preferences saved exactly how you like them, whilst still being able to access the Race Menu by interacting with a newly placed object in the Alternate.This port richey casino fire would be a good time to test your game.Compatible with SkyHud, and Immersive Hud and MoreHUD.It's still in super early alpha, so use it on your own risk.You, little horny-cow-slut, don't even dare to use it!Audio Overhaul for Skyrim by David Jegutidse, this file ensures affected weapons have Legacy textures and AOS sounds.It also makes tweaks for consistancy, or because it should have been in the base game. .10) Alternate Start - Live another Life - 1 Description : An amazing mod, which starts you in a cell located in the abandoned prison (a location in the game).NPC MCM eFF, AFT, iAFT, UFO, FLP Patch.7) (skse) SkyHUD - (Y) Description : It offers alternative Hud presets in its fomod, and it's possible to customise them, or create your own.Also you can configure jump height multiplier, how many times you can jump (double jump like in action games).rdordo - t - Steam Workshop RDOcloudedtruthRDO: - RDO - modrdo patch: modrdo(RDO)rdordomodpatch RDOpatchRDOpatchpatchpatchRDO.Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock and jackstarr* Adjusts legacy perks to work with SIC resources.
7) (skse) Better Jumping SE Description : Allows to jump while sprinting.
Hold instead of toggle.