Universe Universe features a basic game and a top game.
» Play World cup and win!Roman palace, roman palace features a basic game and a top game.Both games are played on what sd slot does s8 have the same 3 reels.» Speel Revolving en win!Cash Spectacular Count Money Daily Derby Duke of casino nosticky Ducats Fat Cats Gimme a Penny, Lenny Hundred Billionaire Lend me a Nickel, Sugar Pickle Lord Lottsadough Lotto Lotto Lotto!Wild wild A special ladder on the Wild wild lights up in the basic game with every spin that doesn't end in a winning combination.Golden oldie Golden oldie features a top game only.
» Play The hit and win!

Itchy and Scratchy Just another Lottso Room Just Got Lucky bingo göteborg öppettider Just Say No to Scratching King of the Hill Late Lottso Landslide Literary Lottso Live and let live Live long and prosper Lottso!World cup World cup features 3 different games.» Play Step it and win!Two or more credits won can.The basic game is played with 1 credit per spin and the top game can be played with 5 or 10 credits per spin.Lucky Hearts, mah Jong Garden, mass Winnings, match Maker.Even cheaper than the real thing Family Fat Cats in Shoe Spats Five seconds left Francs in France Free 'n' Easy Friends Friends and Family Gelatinous Lottso Gimme Some Money!The top game offers a choice of playing with 5 or 10 credits per spin.The basic game is played with 1 credit and 1 payline.View a win View a win features a basic game with 4 reels and 1 payline, and a top game where you can play on 3 reels with 5 paylines bet5 or on 4 reels with 10 paylines bet10.When this happens the cris-cross symbol will light.The top game is played with 5 or 10 credits.These reels are used for both the basic and the top game.3 Star symbols on the reels give a prize of 20 credits.
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Your position, your shift.

You always start the game with the Basic game.