Tags: Alex Foxen, Isaac Haxton Alex Foxen Isaac Haxton limped in from the button holding and Alex Foxen checked his.
Looking back on the day, Haxton said, I came in with nearly a quarter of the chips in play and had position on the other big stack, so I was bingo klinta ip 2018 feeling pretty confident.
Haxton was still in the lead five-handed, but the chips were very evenly spread out.
Read More, this is definitely a career-defining moment.On Wednesday evening in Las Vegas, in the PokerGO studios at the Aria, Haxton took earned.672 million internet poker tells for a victory in the fifth edition of the Super High Roller Bowl.Chidwicks chips got into the middle with against Haxtons pocket jacks.Alex Foxen tags: Alex Foxen, Isaac Haxton Alex Foxen limped in from the button holding and Isaac Haxton checked his option with.Over the next two levels, Mateos became the short stack and Foxen moved into the chip lead.At the beginning of the heads-up play, Haxton turned the second nut flush and allowed Foxen to putting money in safe deposit box bluff into him on turn and river.For the first time in quite some time, it wasnt Foxen with the chip lead.The dealer burned and turned the on the river, and Foxen was eliminated in second place for 2,160,000, while Haxton was crowned Super High Roller Bowl V Champion and recipient of the Super High Roller Bowl ring and the 3,672,000 first prize.Talal Shakerchi got the last of his chips into the middle with against Haxtons.Kurganov doubled up a few times, but then sent most of his stack to Adrian Mateos when Mateos doubled through him.Just like that, it was down to Haxton and Foxen.It wouldnt come easy as he battled many of the games best players and defeated the current GPI #1 ranked player in the game, Alex Foxen, heads-up.Kurganov Downfall, imsirovics departure left Igor Kurganov as the short stack.

The turn was the, which left Chidwick drawing dead to the river card.Haxton checked for a third time and Foxen announced a bet of 1,400,000.A king on the flop sealed Mateos fate and he was eliminated in fifth.Relive it all on PokerGO.Haxton is one of the most successful players in the history of the game and there are only a couple of holes in the 33-year-olds resume.The flop landed and Foxen checked to Haxton who bet 120,000.He eliminated Foxen in second-place to put a close on Foxens monster year.Haxton crossed the 20 million mark of career tournament earnings with a bang.