(b) If the tenant or the tenant's invited guest removes, misuses, damages, or otherwise disables a kortspel stockholm fire extinguisher: (1) the landlord is not required to repair or replace the fire extinguisher at the landlord's expense; and (2) the landlord is required to repair or replace.
A managing or leasing agent, whether residing or maintaining an office on-site or off-site, is the agent of the landlord for purposes of notice and other communications required or permitted by this subchapter.
The duties of a landlord and the remedies of a tenant under this subchapter are in lieu of common law, other statutory law, and local ordinances relating to a residential landlord's duty to install, change, rekey, repair, or replace security devices and a tenant's remedies.This subsection shall not affect the landlord's duty under Subchapter B to repair or remedy, at the landlord's expense, wastewater stoppages or backups caused by deterioration, breakage, roots, ground conditions, faulty construction, or malfunctioning equipment.(b) Disclosure to a tenant under Subsection (a) must be made by: (1) giving the information in writing to the tenant on or before the seventh day after the day the landlord receives the tenant's request for the information; (2) continuously posting the information.Misuse of or damage to a security device that occurs during the tenant's occupancy is presumed to be caused by the tenant, a family member, an occupant, or a guest.If the person disobeyed the writ before receiving the show cause order but has complied with the writ after receiving the order, the justice may find the person in contempt and assess punishment under Section.002 (c Government Code.Otherwise, this subchapter does not affect any other right of a landlord or tenant under contract, statutory law, or common law that is consistent with the purposes of this subchapter or any right a landlord or tenant may have to bring an action for personal.(7) "Landlord" means a dwelling owner, lessor, sublessor, management company, or managing agent, including an on-site manager.Right TO vacate AND avoid liability following certain decisions related TO military service.(10) "Rekey" means to change or alter a security device that is operated by a key, card, or combination so that a different key, card, or combination is necessary to operate the security device.The income approach is based on income and expense data and is used to determine the present worth of future benefits.(b) A tenant who is a servicemember or a dependent of a servicemember may vacate the dwelling leased by the tenant and avoid liability for future rent and all other sums due under the lease for terminating the lease and vacating the dwelling before the.Title 25, Chap No limit but amount over 1 month rent must be refunded after first year of tenancy. .None No Yes Amounts owing, damage over normal wear and tear Yes Yes Ten days, see statute Click here Texas Texas Property Code Sec.(f) If an applicant requests a landlord to mail a refund of the applicant's application fee to the applicant, the landlord shall mail the refund check to the applicant at the address furnished by the applicant.(b) A governmental body whose official or employee has requested information from a landlord who is liable under Section.202.204 may obtain or exercise one or more of the following remedies: (1) a court order directing the landlord to make a disclosure required.(b) If after a casualty loss the rental premises are as a practical matter totally unusable for residential purposes and if the casualty loss is not caused by the negligence or fault of the tenant, a member of the tenant's family, or a guest.

(c) This section does not apply to or affect a local ordinance governing a landlord's obligation to provide a 24-hour emergency contact number to a tenant that is adopted before January 1, 2008, if the ordinance conforms with or is amended to conform with this.28, 1989; Acts 1993, 73rd Leg.,.(d) The writ of restoration of utility service must be served on either the landlord or the landlord's management company, on-premises manager, or rent collector in the same manner as a writ of possession in a forcible detainer suit.A provision of a rental application that purports to waive a right or exempt a party from a liability or duty under this subchapter is void.(m) A landlord may not interrupt or cause the interruption of electric service under Subsection (h) to a tenant who receives energy assistance for a billing period during which the landlord receives a pledge, letter of intent, purchase order, or other notification that the energy.Landlord'S failure TO correct information.1, 1993; Acts 1993, 73rd Leg.,.(a) For purposes of this section: (1) "Family violence" has the meaning assigned by Section.004, Family Code.