I can't tell what other house near the town could be the "Milton Farmhouse" There's so palace casino palace many different houses around.
Episode 1 of the story.
Bank Deposit Box Key #20, key #20 is found by heading south along the main street in Milton.
In-game description, milton Safety Deposit Box Keys is a side mission.Deposit Key #13 is located near the frozen river between Orca Gas Station and Paradise Meadows Farm on a corpse.Players can snag the key from the floor of the truck.In fact, if you head southeast from the Milton Credit Union, its through the intersection and will be the second house on the right.Search the urn and youll find Bank Deposit Box Key #15.I'm stuck on this mission for the grey mother where I'm supposed to retrieve a safety deposit pci e x32 slot key from the milton farmhouse and retrieve the contents of the box to her.After returning how many numbers to bet on roulette the deposit box you get more of Mothers story and finally she asks you to visit lily at the graveyard.On the front dashboard of the truck will be the Paradise Meadows Farm Key.Look for a blue truck parked under a car port.You must progress the main quest line to the point where Grey Mother tells you to get.This does not seem to be ending the mission though.Keep completing Grey mothers quests.Bank Deposit Box Key #15, key #15 is the hardest to get.
Look for a bedroom with a fireplace and a mantle.
Bank Deposit Box Key #13.

Of course, youll also have to know how to unlock the bank vault to even get to this point.You cannot get into the house without this key.After opening the deposit box and taking it back to grey Mother.Return to grey mother and she will allow you to take Lilys rope from the truunk in the bedroom and the achievement will unlock.Look for a dead body in the snow by a tree.To open the deposit box you must also have opened the bank vault, the code for the vault is found in the Bankers house (Canadian Flag outside).I've gone to the farmhouse called "paradise meadows farm" on the map, I'm not sure if this is the right farmhouse, but I found a key in the barn shed near it and a lock box inside the farmhouse itself, which I looted and brought.
SHe will ask you to retrieve a safety deposit box xkey from the farmhouse(she marks it on map).
Most players who own, the Long Dark are currently working their way through the first two episodes of Wintermute, which is the name for the games story mode.