safe deposit box the long dark

Key #20 : South Gas Station South of Milton, theres a gas station.
Find all 4 security deposit box keys and you can open them in the 25 euro no deposit bonus bank vault.The Milton Bank houses three Safety Deposit Boxes and two safes a large vault, and a smaller safe.More The Long Dark: Wintermute guides on Gameranx: All Safety Deposit Box Key Locations Story Guide.As the sun fades and night falls, the chilly weather becomes even worse.Once we get there.The location of the security deposit box key #7 fluffy favourites no deposit bonus in The Long Dark.Security Deposit Box Key Location #7 The Long Dark.
The story mode for, the Long Dark has arrived, and youll need all the help you can get to escape the abandoned village of Milton.

To unlock the large vault in the Milton Bank: Get the Bank Managers Key in the Milton Bank, then go to the Bank Managers House (marked with a Canadian flag) the combination is next no deposit car insurance online to the bed.Key #7 : Milton House In the house opposite the Bank Managers House, look in the box under the bed.The key is inside that truck.Temperature is your worst enemy, and staying warm should always be priority number one.Investigating The Tunnel The Long Dark Story Mode PC In this video the Grey Mother tells us to investigate the tunnel leading out of Milton.Key #15 : West Farm Go to the farm following the road west from Milton.The Long Dark Milton Bank Safe Combination.Theres a corpse with a backpack carrying this key.Key #15 is required to progress, and wont appear until after you speak with Grey Mother.Almost at the edge of the map, look for crows flying overhead.Key #13 : Southern River Follow the river west of Milton, and walk the eastern bank south.
If you get all three clicks, the small safe will open.

To open the smaller safe, just use your safe-cracking skills; rotate right until you hear a click, rotate left until you hear a click, then rotate right again.
Look for the truck parked by a pair of blue port-a-potties.