Priests wands do hit him from this range as well as staves, set your screen to off-set view to make this easier.
(quick update) How to Properly Use Character Slot Unlocker!
Wizard, and necro are the best two for this and bow users and priest can also be useful here.Because of that many people lost their beloved characters, so kabam revived all players who died during the hacker period.RotMG Maxing Characters from Nothing Guide by Fluxifi, so either you are first starting off trying to get a maxed character, or you just lost everything somehow and are trying to rebuild your wealth.Now we farm sprite world for dex and fast income.Slowly they will become faster and maybe you will get a nice item from from Limon if youre lucky.There is no way to 100 avoid death o dont fear.You will get 9 free character slots the main character slot.Run events, get money, store them away, then profit.If you made it this far then you have truly put dedication in spell cast casino game this game.Free char slot and Vault RotMG: How To Get 1200 Gold Every Week for free Rotmg Getting Vault Slots and Character Slots on my new account!Rotmg how to get free character slots How to Get a Free Character Slot!When you come across a sprite god kill the sprite children in hopes of a white portal appearing.Repeat as necessary until Limon is dead and enjoy your loot.
Store those and save them for later.

Stand between the 2 white bolts in the outer edge of the box and your range should hit him.Secret Room, Daily Login Rewards, Guild Updates and Bug Fixes!- RotMG: Update.7.X11 Character Vault Unlockers My channel is dead but that's okay RotMG - Opening Char Slot Box.Rogues can easily stealth in and melt away at cubes and skulls.Once you have acquired 25 def plus whatever else you farmed in that time, you should get to rolling your character youre maxing.For any pots other than def, you can either store them or you can sell them for Def pots.Learn the damage values, the bullet speed, the bullet spread, and how to deal with them.3 Slots is more than enough for needed, but if you dont want to buy realm gold i would highly recommend making alternate accounts for back-ups, but ill get into that later.Use this time to master god attack pattern dodging and get good at the classes you play in this period.Daniel RotMG (RotMG) Maplestory GMS: HOW TO GET free character slots rotmg march calendar!Once you made your choice on which character you want to max, roll it until you reach desirable base stats.
Dont worry about gear, T7-T9 work fine here, whatever your get when you level should be plenty.

All there is to do now i play with your maxed characters and experiment with new characters as they die.
Drink up all 25 of hose def pots and max your new heros defense stat.
So how exactly do i do this?