Blast Corps is all about destroying buildings and creating a path for a runaway truck that's carrying two nuclear warheads and the truck itself is locked on autopilot with no way to slow down.
The idea of there being so much of the world that is unseen is unsettling at best.
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Adding with the alien designs that make Doom, Dead Space, and even R-Type itself look tame in comparison, it's quite safe to say that X-Multiply trumps Abadox (which already has its own page an already creepy shooter for the NES in terms of biological horror).
Also, they're fast as hell if they want to, and can and will kill you in one hit.

Ar Tonelico 3 : "XaaaCi" is probably one of the most terrifying themes of the game, as well as saddening once you learn what it's about.The music that plays during Luca's True kortspel hjärter brädspel Ending scenario does not help one bit when it comes to the sheer volume of the entire nightmarish situation involving Luca.Subtropes include: Games with their own sub-pages: open/close all folders, a-F, g-L.The visuals are humorous enough, but the music that accompanies them is a completely different story.Glenn Frey-The Heat Is On Christina Aguilera - Beautiful Live United States of Pop Rocky - Eye of the tiger Coldplay - Viva La Vida Katy Perry - Firework Cent - In da club Men at Work - Who Can It Be Now?Mortal Kombat Theme Morgan Freeman: I Can Smell You Moonlight-xxxtentacion Moonlight Tentacion Moonlight Montana Of 300- Ice Cream Truck Monster How Should I Feel-cascada Remix Monster By Meg Dia Remix Monster - Meg And Dia Money Money Money Money - Cardi B Momoland - Boom.The best friends Bring Me The Horizon Skateboard Bring Me The Horizon-Can You Feel My Heart Bring Me The Horizon - Throne PB Carti - Magnolia Bring Me The Horizon - Antivist Playboi Carti - What Playboi Carti - Don't Tell Nobody Shadow Moses Remix.M.U.G.E.N, being an open-ended fighting game engine with a high degree of customization capabilities, was always bound to have some freaky content made for.I'm a good person.La Noire doesn't keep out any of the gritty details: While most of the victims' bodies you examine are fairly mundane if they were stabbed or shot, cases involving women that were beaten or strangled will have very realistic looking bruises and cuts that are.Chris Brown Chainz - We Own It Chainz - Dresser (Lil Boy).Even in the ending where the scientists manage to create an area for the warheads to detonate safely, the music slowly goes into a Scare Chord as the truck approaches a wall and exploding upon contact.
Right off the bat, we've got an unsettling intro featuring a terrible techno song (courtesy of Hex's Global Chaos mixtape back in the 90s) with bizarre flashing and inverted visuals.
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