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The fact that there are half-century-old EMD bells in revenue service is a testimony to the overall design of these bells, but as with all things, "stuff happens." When a bell is damaged in a major incident and is either all torn up.
The pedestal alone is not enough to mount the bell: part #8281450 "adapter.
Some lightly sandblasted smooth bells can be made very presentable again, but a severely blasted (by aggressive steel grit, for instance) smooth bell may be too rough for a polish unless the wall thickness is reduced too far for comfort.On a side note, Leslie applied seal wire to the six back cap bolts, and the three bolts attaching the bell to the power chamber, on nearly all horns produced with bronze chambers.The simplest way to tell is the bottom flange, which originally was a little over 1/2-inch thick.Both "Howards" and "trapezoids" sat on a 1" thick neoprene pad, oval in shape to match the footprint of the bases.If all a person wants is an unobtrusive way to display a bell, one simple bracket that doesnít require any modification to the bell or ringer is a homemade takeoff on the strap metal "bipod" model, which is really just a bent piece of steel.Spike-back power chambers are indeed much more reliable than their dome-back and tab-back counterparts.If a bell actually does have a very high or mirror polish, be advised that it has probably been polished by a motivated individual after removal from service, not by EMD or a common carrier.Many new locomotives are coming from EMD with synthesized (electronic) "bells so the steel bell of traditional form should not be taken for granted.Some bells will look fine until they are taken just a little too far, and then problems set.The possibilities for contamination were about what one might expect, and the practice lost favor with the ascendance of the vertical cartridge ringer.Leslie was known for farming out much, if not all, of its foundry work.This mounting uses one or more 15/16".D.

These are home-brew modifications, and I recommend undoing them if the ringer is still salvageable.All four Deathknell Enforcers come alive at the same time and have to be killed.BAF represents the Boose Aluminum Foundry, through which Leslie produced many of their 44 bells (and possibly their other bells as well).That is not the worst scenario you can have, but even so, it is likely that the nut will eventually have to be removed from the stud.My advice is to leave the latter alone, as their value may not be much more than what the metal dealer will give you for first-class copper-based alloys.This produces what is often called the "flat top" profile, although the top is usually not actually flat, but runs very slightly "downhill"Ö the shoulder superlenny bonus kierrätys may vary a bit in radius, but the basic proportions are held across production.These were very common on IC/ICG and MoPac power; although they vary in detail, they are much alike across the years, spinnvill casino basically nothing more than a gusseted plate projecting out from the side of the hood.