resident evil revelations 2 campaign bonus weapons

Meat grinder ( drill ) no escape difficulty: beat survival - Short sword screen toned: S rank all episodes on normal.
Katana: beat all episodes on invisible ( Co-op needed in some areas ) I beaten it without co-op but first 5 parts were with my friend.Contains: Weapon Damage.Firepower - 490.00 Firing Rate -.73 Capacity - 5 Mod Slots - 2 Location: In Episode 2, inside the large abandoned dining area, retrieve the movable box from the kitchen area and place it underneath the wall mounted shotgun, and use the box.Open the Gimmick Box behind the desk in this room.Open the Gimmick Box in this room to get the parts.Firepower -.00 Firing Rate -.00 Capacity - 40 Mod Slots - 3 Location: In Episode 3, enter the tower and head into the room with the gravestones.2 Rare Custom Parts Location: Around the back of bonus på ica kort the Wossek bar in the Fishing Village, head up the stairs behind the building and open the locked Gimmick Box as Natalia.Instead of switching passages, run all the way down the hall to a cave-in dead end with a tiny wooden platform.Then, as Barry and Natalia, move the box through the now drained sewer to the opposite high platform and climb up to get the box.Mod Slots - 4, location: In Episode 2, have Pedro drill through the brick door where you first run into him after leaving the bar in the Fishing Village.
Handgun P10 edit The Handgun P10 is a more powerful small gun than the MPM, but is not as customizable.

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Why does this one says all campaign and for classic costumes it says beat all 4 episodes?Contains: Focus (for Shotguns) Rare Custom Parts Location: Inside the Butchery in the blade trap room with the key to the Slaughterhouse, after the traps start up, boost Moira up onto the catwalk and quickly open the Military Box before the traps kill Claire.Custom Parts are optional weapon upgrades that you can find in various places in Resident Evil Revelations.Clair and barry classic costume: beat game screen effect classic horror.Once obtained, you can modify your weapons with custom parts by going to a workbench and applying the custom part to an applicable weapon.1 Location: With the Emblem Key, go back to the main floor of the mansion and head down the long hall to the locked door leading to a parlor with a grandfather clock.It can dish out a lot more firepower, but has a smaller bullet capacity.Assault Rifle AK-7 edit The AK-7 Assault Rifle is a great rapid fire weapon with good firepower, in addition to its large ammo capacity.The locations of every custom part are listed below: Episode 1 Custom Parts Locations edit, location: On the shelf next to the first workbench you find next to the torture room with the cog.Firepower - 490.00 Firing Rate -.73 Capacity - 5 Mod Slots - 2 Location: In Episode 4, head up from the landfill to the giant crane.
Firepower - 100.00, firing Rate -.96, capacity -.
1, location: After disabling the traps in the basement, head back to the two sets of spinning blade traps flanking the flamethrower room, and look behind one of the blade traps for a parts box on a shelf.