refund of security deposit clause

The Schedule of rates (as applicable from ) is as under.
Management reserves its right to enter the hall/premises during the programme hours.The services availed by the customer will / shall remain active in the event that the usage amount exceeds the security deposit amount.In case of any kind of failure of the services due to circumstances, beyond the control of atma which reaches the non-functioning of microphones, speakers, air-conditioners etc.The management will not be responsible and lucky strike casino missoula neither any refund shall be payable nor any damages/compensation shall be paid.TO.00.M.).

Shall submit applications for booking (in the prescribed format) at least four days in advance along with full payment by Demand Draft payable at Ahmedabad for all of the leviable service charges as detailed below and also a refundable security deposit.1000/.In case of cancellation of booking the refund amount shall only be refunded, after 30 days, but within 60 days, against written request of cancellation, against submission or original stamped receipt.The Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of "ahmedabad textile mills' association".THE schedule OF rates.Purpose for which Use of the Hall shall not be permitted : The use of the Hall shall not be permitted for arranging functions like Wedding Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions, Caste and Religion based Get-to-gathers, Drama and Show/ other entertainment programmes/ Sale and Exhibition, etc.No other additional accommodation will be provided by the Association.Who can Use : A Member of the Ahmedabad Textile Mills' Association, any Organisation of Group of Professionals/ Citizens' / Philanthropists/ Social Service and also those carrying activities in conformity with the law of the land/ a member organisation of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce.Advance Application : Organisations desirous to use of the facilities of the Conference Hall, Lawn, etc.Acceptance of Cheques on local banks will be permissible with special permission of the Secretary General, atma.No publicity posters will be put anywhere in the premises of the atma except the Auditorium.In the event that the customer fails to return Matrix SIM cards and / or other equipments to Matrix within the afore-mentioned period (clause 4 Matrix will be entitled to forfeit the security deposit in full.In case of pre-paid products services, refund / return of security deposit is not applicable.On payment of prescribed fees/charges.No Refund of the charges if intimation of booking for cancellation is received within 48 Hours prior to the date of booking.
Non-vegetarian food and alcoholic beverages/items are strictly prohibited.

THE booking OF THE hall, however, will BE subject TO availability OF THE hall.
Placing of any signage/ slogans/ banners /boards or display arch will be permissible only at the main entrance gate to atma at an extra charge.100/- per one Banner of.
In case of non-realisation of cheque deposited by the booking party, the same will be have to be substituted by cash/DD payment alongwith a special charges.100/- to cover administration expenses.