To get started, simply open up your in-game Friends List and click the new Recruit A Friend button.
Eg: A level 2 who is 99 of the way to level 3 will then be 99 of the way to level 91 when granted 88 levels.1, contents, how to recruit a friend, log into a character in-game.You may unlink your account from the other persons at any time and link yourself with another account.Heirloom gear no longer stacked with the boost.Once youre on the Recruit-a-Friend panel, you will be prompted by the following message: At the top, you can see your Recruit-a-Friend.Both the recruit and the recruiter gain triple experience points (up to level 90) while partied and within 100 yards of each other.The character will then be 99 of the way to whatever level he reaches after the granted levels.This "Summon Friend" ability has a 30-minute cooldown.However, with the release of Mists of Pandaria, this was changed to 85 (with grantable level maximum increased from 30 to 42) and again changed to 90 with Warlords of Draenor (with grantable level maximum increased from 42 to 44).When the characters are grouped, the recruit may target and right-click on the veteran character's nameplate and an option "Grant a Level" should appear in the context menu.Lasts for 90 days after the recruitment.The character receiving the levels may decline the grant when prompted and then nothing happens.You can find the original announcement here: ml?World of Warcraft together.Now you can choose from 8 different mount and pet rewardsincluding the brand-new Emerald Hippogryphand enjoy leveling benefits all the way to level.Those levels can still be granted any time during the 90-day period.

References See also External links.Hi guys, Im pretty new here and maybe somebody already solved this problem, I got invited to play on Tauri and when I received the invitation I clicked the link and created the account, then I recieved a code to connect my account.Current Recruit-A-Friend FAQ - View original post Original news announcement Earn an Exclusive Zhevra Mount with the New Recruit-a-Friend!Granted levels are earned regardless of whether the recruit and veteran were adventuring together when the levels were earned.Benefits, the rewards available as of, patch.2.If a mob or quest is trivial (grey) to either character, neither will receive triple experience.View original post Trivia RaF used to last only until level.If the ID is correct, you should get this message: In this example, we linked ID 1 to.The level grants grant a complete level.View original post Refer-A-Friend Rocket Mount Update 13:18 Zarhym Time is running out for those who wish to claim their Zhevra, as the launch of the X-53 Touring Rocket is now scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, April 27!The XP bar remains the same in the new level, so a good strategy 50 deposit car finance is to gain experience on the veteran character until they are.Mounts: Swift Zhevra, X-53 Touring Rocket, Heart of the Nightwing, Emerald Hippogryph, and Cindermane Charger Pets: Golden Pig Coin, Silver Pig Coin, Enchanted Jade, and the Enchanted Purple Jade Related Blizzard posts Recruit A Friend Program Offers New Rewards 19:00 Blizzard Entertainment The Recruit.If they do not, only account ID 1 will get the bonus.Levels can be granted by the recruited player to any character on the recruiter's account, however, there is no method of determining (other than manually keeping count) how many levels you have left to grant.Using Recruit-a-Friend is very easy.If you've already claimed a Zhevra (or claim one prior to the change youll be able to hang on to it, of course.
You accumulate 1 level that can be granted to your recruiter for every two levels that you gain up to level 85 per character.
How To: Using the Recruit-a-Friend Feature.

Since patch.3.5, the XP boost was reduced from 200 to 50 and.
These levels must be granted within 90 days of the recruitment, after this time any levels that have not been granted at this time will expire, along with the other recruit a friend bonuses.
Time-independent rewards The recruiter receives a 30-day game credit for each recruit who purchasing two months of game time.