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The magic comp bow has the governor of poker 4 free online game same special attack as the magic longbow.
It can fire dragon arrows, and it has a devastating special attack which boosts damage by 30 bingo ball cage if using arrows that are not dragon, or by 50 if using dragon arrows, with a minimum damage of 5 per non-dragon arrow and 8 per dragon arrow.Dark bow The dark bow is the slowest weapon in the game, but it fires two arrows at once.However, the accurate and long range stances have slower attack speeds.Because of this, they are extremely expensive.Become a partner and feature your content here.Main article: Enchant Crossbow Bolt Bolts that are tipped with gems can be enchanted for a wide best in slot legendary retribution paladin variety of passive effects, each of which has a small chance of activating when an enemy is damaged by the bolt.Rangers are capable of having the highest accuracy of any combat type, boasting a maximum of 234 to Ranged attack, beating both, magic with a maximum of 152, and melee with a maximum of 170 to slash.

Osrs Podcasts Jagex Responds to Huge dmmt Bugs.To clear a slot, double-click.Crossbows are useful against monsters with high Defence, as they are very accurate.Ogre bow / Comp ogre bow The ogre bow uses ogre arrows.Karil's crossbow will only work with bolt racks, which break when fired, making it expensive to use.Other requirements Big Chompy Bird Hunting 735 30 Ranged 5 Fletching, 30 Cooking Recipe for Disaster ( Skrach Uglogwee subquest ) 1,500 30 Ranged 41 Cooking, 20 Firemaking Death to the Dorgeshuun 2,000 - 23 Thieving, 23 Agility Zogre Flesh Eaters 2,000 30 Ranged.Twisted bow The Twised bow is by far the most powerfull ranged weapon in the game, being able to hit around 90 on certain monsters.
The RuneScape Wiki also has an article on: rsw:Ranged, the RuneScape Classic Wiki also has an article on: classicrsw:Ranged, this article is about the Ranged skill.
It is fast and powerful (with a max hit of 30 yet expensive to use, and there are a limited number of areas where it can be set up for usage.

Keep in mind that some melee monsters have high Ranged Defence, so a high Ranged level may be needed.
It is also faster than normal crossbows, and has a special attack which lowers the target's Defence level.