The filing of objections will not prevent the chief dockmaster from barring the permittee from the facility if the chief dockmaster specifically finds that it is in the public interest to.
Permittee waives all claims against the City, its agents and employees for any damage to a vessel and its contents arising out of the removal, relocation, storage and/or disposal of a vessel by the Department pursuant to sections 3-06(o 3-09(c) and 3-15, except for gross.
Slips will be assigned using an appropriate ration of slip length, width, depth of water and strength of docks to a vessel's length, beam, draft and tonnage.Private swimming pool, vinnare casino affiliates swimming pool, fitness/Gym, exercise gym.All permits issued by the Department are by their nature terminable at will by the Commissioner in accordance with the needs or the requirements of the Department or in the interest of the City as determined by the Commissioner.No financial transaction may take place aboard a private boat.Before issuing a permit and otherwise upon reasonable notice, the chief dockmaster may inspect a vessel and/or require a demonstration of the vessel's operational capability in open water.Parking permits are issued to the person named on the permits and are valid only for the registered vehicle or vehicles identified on the permit.The dockmaster shall give notice to the owner of the property prior to such removal if the identity of and an address for such person are reasonably ascertainable or to the permittee of the vessel docked disc slot in the slip adjacent to the place from which.All private contractors must be properly licensed and insured, proof of which shall be registered with the marina division.Any vessel removed from the facility which is not claimed within 30 days shall be deemed to be abandoned and shall be treated in accordance with applicable law.Such evaluation shall be performed at the permittee's expense and a detailed report of such evaluation shall be provided to the Department.Back to Top 3-19 Orders In addition to the orders specifically referred to in these rules, the Department may issue any other orders which may be necessary or appropriate to enforce compliance with these rules or the rules set forth in chapters 1 and.
Guests may not stay overnight on a vessel when the permittee is not on board without a guest pass issued by the dockmaster.
At the boat basin, spaces will be assigned first to permittees seeking year-round parking, followed by those seeking seasonal parking, then by permittees who hold kayak permits.

Electricity shall not be used for heating a vessel.A permittee must pay all metered charges for electricity.Permittees must secure their own trailers with a lock.Anyone who repeatedly fails to comply with the rules may be permanently barred from the facility.The Department may remove or cause to be removed any vehicle which is parked in the garage or parking lot without a current parking permit or without payment of all required fees.In order to maximize access to the marina or boat basin, the dockmaster may issue a transient dockage permit for the permittee's assigned slip during such absence.Back to Top 3-07 Waiting List The Department shall maintain and utilize a waiting list for the issuance of Boat Basin seasonal dockage permits and mooring permits, which shall be available upon request from the Department.Back to Top 3-06 Permits No person shall dock, store or launch a vessel at a facility without an appropriate permit from the Department and without payment of all required fees.

Use of personal watercraft is prohibited upon any waters under the jurisdiction of the Department, unless the Commissioner specifically authorizes use of personal watercraft in such area.