A Brief Guide to the promised land bonus track lyrics Canadian Metal Scene.
Blessed and Possessed, blessed and Possessed, blessed and Possessed.
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Blessed before the altar, No life in celibate, For the call of liten keno the wicked The wicked we await.The seventh sacrament, born of blood and fire, and blessed by midnight's hand.And in moonlight we fight for the father.In the core of the pyre.By the dawn all alone, in the night we can't rest.We are brave to the heart, Blood and fire we part, And forever we pray for we are Blessed and possessed, Blessed and possessed, Blessed and possessed, Hallelujah!When undressed to the bone, in the night we can't rest.To the Bible we're sworn, In desire transform, We're not blessed When undressed to the bone.
And we ride by the storm, In the night we're reborn, And we carry our hearts to the dome.

Emi Ramírez: An 80s Metal-Style Screamer For Contemporary Times.Via Google Play Music app on Android v4, iOS v7, or by exporting MP3 files to your computer and playing on any MP3 compatible music player.To the Bible we're sworn, in desire transform, we're not blessed.For the last rite of heaven.To the Bible we're sworn, In the dark we transform, And we die By the dawn all alone.Benedictus, et Affectus, benedictus, halleluja, warfare, pain and murder, in Golgatha we stand.
Halleluja, cursed by our desire, And guided by our lust, holy father in heaven, In sacristy we trust.

Wretch Turn Tragedy Into Triumph, on Bandcamp Radio, featuring Orchestra Gold plus Adrian Younge Jack Waterson.