Just wanted to put this out there in case anyone is thinking of picking one of these up and plans to use it with a Mac.
Swap Win/Cmd and Alt.
One of the selling points was that it had already had a Mac mode that I incorrectly assumed meant that it swapped the Alt and OS key.I find casino in lind this more useful than the brightness dimmer etc.Map left Win to Option.Note that the default layer 1 cant be configured.The keyboard is just too large compared to the iPad Pro.The "Mac" mode which is entered by typing Fn-M actually turns the F1 monte carlo casino tourist information et al keys into the brightness dimmer etc.Ive been using the excellent Compass ( version 1, not 2 ) to prop up the iPad Pro as well.In Use with iPad Pro, the Pok3r is a wired keyboard, and thus you need to use one of the many camera connection adapters for the iPad in order to hook.I tried the Poker II again, but just couldnt be bothered.So I recommend not using.Note About the Back Light.But it also feels much better too.
That lead me to find something better to use with my iPad, and I snagged a Poker II with MX Clear switches.

Aside from the battery life hit, Ive found working with this setup to be near perfect.Command key, windows key etc).The only keys you lose with the Fn-L/W modes are the brightness settings.Im using layer 3 (red LED) to store this configuration.I used this, pok3r layout guide for reference.Here is how I configured the keyboard to match the familiar Mac layout: Use FN, PN, Ctrl and Shift as arrow keys.I was quickly able to reprogram the keys, however the right CMD reprogram has yet to really work for me until I realized you also needed to move the FN key after that everything worked.Finally we need to switch the left Win and Alt keys to match the Mac layout where the Win or Command keys are right next to the spacebar.This presented its own challenge since the keyboard I received came with no instructions and I wasn't familiar with how these keyboard were programmed.Theres no Eject key which you think would be a non-issue given that I am using it with an iPad and not a Mac, however the Eject key is how you prompt iOS to show the emoji keyboard.Use best slots bonus uk FN to switch to layer.Thats less than ideal, but can be mitigated with the powered adapter to keep your iPad Pro charged.With the Pok3r attached, I get 7-8 hours, losing about a full hour of battery life.Keyboard Layers, the keyboard has three programmable layouts or layers.When I was using a Mac full time, I almost always used a code keyboard for all my typing.

Further, it does not switch the placement of the Alt and OS key (e.g.