Each have three to unlock, but they will undoubtedly help you when you're able to fill in the rows, so make sure to grab those Bingos whenever you can!
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For details on how to attract more pokemon, head over to our.Obtaining More Power Stones and Bonus Expeditions.In this post I will highlight how you can farm for any Alakazam you want, with specific bingo bonuses.Theres no way to tell which one youll get, as they are assigned randomly to your pokemon.Pokémon will typically have Bingo Bonuses that are beneficial to their specific type moves.Read on to learn how Bingo Bonuses.As you can tell, every Pokemon you get has slots you can put Power Stones into to customize them and make them stronger.Fill in all those slots and you'll recieve a Bingo Bonus!
While swapping out your Power Stones for the more powerful ones that you are rewarded with on your Expeditions is important, the Bingo Bonus is something else that you will want to pay attention.

Only certain types of stones fit into certain slots, so you'll have to collect a variety of Power Stones in order to grab that Bingo Bonus!So far, that has reduced the wait time for any Grass-Type moves to recharge by 5 percent and increased the HP that the Mushroom Pokémon has whenever it recovers after being knocked out in an Expedition by 20 percent.They range from damage increases, move regeneration and health boosts to resistances to specific effects.But remember, you only have 20 slots for Power Stones at the start of the game, and this includes Stones that are equipped.Generally speaking, these bonuses that see a reduction are typically the best bonus for each slot anyway, even when that bonus is decreased upon evolution.Despite the game having a number of tutorials, the Bingo Bonus is mysteriously left unexplained in Pokemon Quest.After every Expedition, a bar will fill up for the Expedition Bonus, and after 12 Expeditions it'll activate.Notice the changes to the Bingo Bonuses as Squirtle evolves The Bingo Bonus change may not always appear optimal to the overall power of the Pokémon.How do you get different Bingo Bonuses?Moves in, pokémon Quest use the same move types as traditional Pokémon games, so you can replace type above with an applicable move type, such as Psychic, Fire, Normal, etc.Their values don't depend on luck, level, being a shiny or any other factor: Abra Bonus, slot 1, slot 2, slot.Upon evolution, there might be some slight changes to your bingo bonuses but they are not random.You can check which Bingo Bonuses are active by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon in the Power Stone slot menu.While not nearly as complex as mainline Pokémon games, Pokémon Quest does offer a fair bit of the statistical optimization that diehard fans of the series have come to love.Of course, to obtain the Bingo Bonus, you'll need Power Stones to fill in your Pokemons' slots!
Youre probably wondering what Expedition Bonus does in Pokemon Quest.
Here are the hard caps for all stats: Critical Hit Rate - 100 Critical Hit Damage - 100 Natural Healing - 300 Hit Healing - 10 Healing from.O.