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Overdraft An overdraft occurs when a bank makes a payment that has been requested (such as a check even though there are not enough funds available in the account to cover.
Transaction fee A fee that may be charged when making certain types of transactions with your credit card.
For instance, if your current statement is dated October 1 and your previous statement was dated September 1, there are 30 days in your statement billing cycle.Your card number remains completely private and protected.Bank of America does not charge for Text Banking.This type of payment is known as an "overdraft" and the account is said to have been "overdrawn." See Overdraft protection.Standard APR The standard APR (annual percentage rate) comes into effect after the introductory period expires.Available credit is computed by subtracting the outstanding balance from your total credit line.Over the counter OTC cash advance A cash advance you can withdraw from your credit card account's available cash credit line via a teller in a bank or other financial institution.Balance subject to interest charge, the balance amount that's used to calculate interest charges for your credit card account's periodic statement.Monthly Maintenance Fee and annual charges as, annual Fee.Interest on protected balances generally continues to be calculated using the previous APR structures, not the newer rate, until the balances are paid in full.The information generally includes your name, address, employer, length of employment, account types, account balances, payment history, collection information, public records and inquiries.Bank cash advances can be obtained with your card at an ATM and over the counter at a financial center; they can also be obtained with your account number via a same-day online transaction, and as overdraft protection.
Credit report A record of a consumer's credit history.

Transfer The movement of funds from one account to another.Foreign transaction fee A fee that may be assessed on a credit card account for foreign transactions.Personal identification number (PIN) The unique number you must use to access your credit or deposit account at an ATM or make a purchase with a debit card.Often, your credit line is determined by the amount you deposit into a collateral account.Balance subject to interest charge.Average daily balance, the sum of all the daily account balances during best free video slots for android an accounting period (usually a monthly statement cycle) divided by the number of days in the same period.Active account, a bank account in which there are recent transactions.Account agreement, terms and conditions for the use of a credit card and the repayment of debt between you and your lending institution.Promotional rate (or introductory rate) A temporary interest rate that's lower than the regular rate and offered for a specified period of time.A, access check, a check that credit card issuers provide that allows you to access cash from your available line of credit.They can include the following: Purchase of foreign currency Money orders or travelers checks from a non-financial institution Person-to-person money transfers Bets Lottery tickets purchased outside the United States Casino gaming chips Bail bonds with your card or account number (including via an enabled mobile.Cleared transactions Transactions are given a "cleared" status when they have been posted to your account.Preferred Rewards Bank of America Preferred Rewards offers real benefits and rewards on your everyday banking.Learn more about Apple Pay » Learn more about Google Pay » Learn more about Samsung Pay » Learn more about Visa Checkout » Learn more about Masterpass » Direct deposit and check cash advances A transaction category that includes access checks or transferring funds.
A cash advance is often subject to its own annual percentage rate (APR).
Credit Card Agreement The Credit Card Agreement details the Terms and Conditions of your credit card account and includes information such as the interest rate, fees and other cost information associated with the account.

Balance transfer fee A balance transfer fee is a fee charged to transfer a balance from one account to another.
Bill Pay allows you to view all your eBillsas well as account balances, transactions and statement informationin one convenient place.
Additional cardholders are not authorized to make changes to the account.