no man's sky exosuit cargo slots bug

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I've spent around 100 hours on my save and do not wish to delete.
I purchased the third unlock for cargo, which worked, and shortly after I transferred carbon, c carbon and magnetized ferrite over via my inventory.Space Stations and, atlas Stations.New players begin the game with 24 General slots and three of those are occupied by the core Life Support, Hazard Protection, and Jetpack units.No Man's Sky Bug Reporting Topic Details, missing Storage Slot in Exosuit Cargo.Most reliable is the standard land based casino vs online casino method of buying new ones in Space Stations - head to the vendor that sells Multi-tool upgrades and look in the red locker next to them, and they'll have new Multi-tools there for sale.You can purchase 35 upgrades throughout the game.Next increased the maximum number of Technology inventory slots to 14 and the maximum number of Cargo slots.The remaining health of the Exosuit's core displays below the shield durability bar as a row of health squares - the total number of squares indicates maximum core health while the number of white squares indicates current core health.It provides storage for items casino zug spielplan that an avatar carries; offers protection from planetary hazards, hazardous flora, hostile fauna and aggressive sentinels ; and comes equipped with a jetpack.Additional slots are purchased on space stations or at planetary drop pods.The Cargo section lets you store more items in a single stack, and costs the same to upgrade, so it's actually worth expanding slots there ahead of your standard inventory space, although it costs significantly more than a standard Exosuit slot to upgrade.Thanks for help, no Man's Sky General Discussion Topic Details.Each slot is capable of holding one technology upgrade.All other players can add up to 48 slots of Cargo inventory.Suits can be upgraded through crafting and through relays.
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No Man's Sky General Discussion Topic Details, what's max exosuit cargo slots capacity?Both require power from Life Support to function.I dont even understand how something so obvious has not been taken in account to decide to go NOT go live.Inside the Drop Pod will be an Exosuit upgrade.Upgrade Modules edit edit source Same upgrade module, but one protects against heat and the other against cold There are eight types of Exosuit upgrade modules.The Exosuit has three separate inventories.Slots already purchased Cost to purchase another 0 1,000 1 5,000 2 10,000 3 30,000 4 60,000 5 100,000 6 200,000 7 350,000 Cargo Inventory edit edit source Cargo inventory is the opposite of Technology inventory.Plus other handy stuff like how to repair your ship and get the Hermetic Seal, Pure Ferrite, Navigation Data and Signal Booster, locations of the Atlas Pass v1, v2 and v3, a guide to No Man's Sky money and how to earn Units fast, plus.This involves the same method as before the next update, only it's a fair bit harder to actually achieve.However, Exosuit Upgrades in Drop Pods are now damaged, and require extensive repairs to unlock.In our experience, if you find one it's always worth looking at - you may get lucky - but really if you want to reliably increase you ship's inventory space, you're just going to have to pony up and buy a bigger one.The eight types of Exosuit upgrade modules are: Life Support Module upgrades Life Support System (increases Life Support power and reduces power consumption in daylight) Movement Module upgrades Exosuit Movement Systems (increases running stamina and improves Jetpack) Radiation Protection Module upgrades Exosuit Radiation Protection System.Only one of each Hazard Protection supplement is useful against environmental hazards, and only one Underwater Protection Module is useful for protection against drowning.

Or do you have to progress further into some story to be able to upgrade again?