I did some test runs by moving twwh2 from one raid to another and then from raid to the single 8000.
Pro on the other hand is in the range.5 GBps writes in raid.
Networking, add on Card Cooler Fan Moding Media Drawing Tablet Headset/Earphone Media Player Presenter Digital Camera USB Acc.I never see that drive at less than 60 C in Everest 64 vs the Adata drives which never go higher than.The best thing about these drives though are that they run at about 1/ 2 the temp of my Corsair MP 500 480GB.The difference in moving files was about 10 seconds between the fastest and slowest drive(s).The SX 8200 is 480GB x2 in raid 0 and by itself a SX8000 512GB.The price is banging, it's cheaper than sata ssds here, and with it's three-level caching it's a very good performer.For writes the 8200.Just beware that once you fill it autodesk maya bonus tool up the qlc will perform very, very poorly.
Intel LGA 2011v3, intel LGA 2066 intel LGA 775, aMD TR4.

The SX8200 Pros are 256GB boot, 512GB x2 in raid.I new online casino no deposit signup bonus 19 500 series box how many slots have a total of 6 adata drives in my rig.Memory DDR2, harddisk.5Inch, vGA NVidia, vGA Ati Radeon.AMD AM1, memory DDR4, intel Optane Memory.2, memory DDR3.AMD FM2, aMD AM4, aMD AM3,.Imo it's still it's better to buy a 2tb 660p than 1tb higher-tier drive, the price being very similar, but I wouldn't fill it up past.5TB.Casing wer, casing Mini ATX, casing Full Tower, power Supply.Check the price of P1 too, it works the same way and the price should be similar, but crucial is a slightly faster drive.Mouse Pad, speaker, uPS, uPS Acc.I can say that there is not much difference between the drives in terms of read speeds.Sale / Promo Product, intel LGA 1151, intel LGA 1150 intel LGA 1155.Pro is about 70 faster than the non pro and the 8000 is about 40 slower than the non pro.
Optical Drive, lCD, keyboard Mouse, keyboard, mouse.

660p is a peculiar drive.
Intel 1151 ASRock B250 Gaming K4 (asrmb11510016X) Intel Socket 1151.670.000,- ASRock B250M Performance (asrmb11510017X) Intel Socket 1151.475.000,- ASRock B250M Pro4 (asrmb11510018X ) Intel Socket 1151.225.000,- ASRock B250M-HDV (asrmb11510019X) Intel Socket 1151.035.000,- ASRock B360 Gaming K4 Intel Socket 1151.805.000,- ASRock B360.
In raid 0 the SX8200 pro and SX8200 have around the same read performance but for some reason the writes for the 8200 are not much faster than the single drive's sequential speed of around.9 GBps.