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Customized approach in the maintenance of every currency transaction allows the Bank to provide its clients with the high-level services reducing their risks and expenses.
Russian Agricultural Bank has a right to anticipatorily exclude an insurance company from the list of certified companies answering the Banks requirements to insurance companies in the following cases: The lack of compliance with requirements to insurance companies; insurers failure to comply with the Requirements.
The Bank continuously deepens the relationship with its partners and widens its international interests.
Russian Agricultural Bank provides guarantee transactions in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the generally accepted standards of international banking practices.Merchant Acquiring Russian Agricultural Bank offers to retailer and service outlets merchant services, to accept the Banks local payment cards and international payment cards (visa International, MasterCard Worldwide) in payment for goods and services (merchant acquiring agreement).Russian Agricultural Bank offers clients the following services with the use of documentary letter of credit: Opening import documentary letters of credit on behalf of the Banks customers, including the confirmation of first-class foreign banks; Opening standby letters of credit; Advising of export letters.Documentary letter of credit Such form of international payments allows to significantly reducing the risk of loss of both buyer and seller in the foreign trade transaction.Russian Agricultural Bank provides a full range of banking services to corporate customers, mainly to companies operating in the Russian agribusiness.Corporate Lending Programs, investment loans; Loans for current expenses; Seasonal field works financing; Working capital financing; Crop production development; Housing construction in rural areas; Livestock sector development; SME lending; Lending to agricultural credit and consumer cooperatives; Purchase of agricultural lands; Purchase of farm animals; Fishery.For the provision of this service the bank charges commission in accordance with the applicable tariffs.The Bank evaluates insurance companies in the process of certification to secure their compliance with all necessary requirements.Transactions with bullion precious coins are mainly used as a tool for investing surplus funds, as the cost of such coins is close to the value of precious metals contained in the coin.Deposits for Corporate Clients and Individual Entrepreneurs The Bank offers a broad set of deposits for corporate customers and individual entrepreneurs, for placement of temporarily disposable monetary resources.Banks provide the following national and international guarantees: Payment Guarantee; Tender Guarantee; Performance Guarantee; Advance Payment Guarantee; Loan Repayment Guarantee.A bank guarantee enables the customer (debtor) to acquire goods, buy equipment, or draw down loans, and thereby expand business activity.The organization can set on every corporate bank card the following limits: cash withdrawal limit; limit on payments for goods and services, aggregate limit on cash withdrawals and payment for goods and services.Bank Guarantees Bank Guarantee is a guarantee from a lending institution ensuring that the liabilities of a debtor will be met.Forex and Money Market Operations Russian Agricultural Bank is an active participant of the Russian and international financial markets, which allows the Bank to provide customers with a wide range of forex and money market services.Accreditation can be performed both by the Bank's Head Office and regional branches.
Structured and Trade Finance, today, Russian Agricultural Bank and all its regional branches offer their customers a wide range of trade related services, including international payments, letters of credit, guarantee, etc.
Russian Agricultural Bank acts as the Government Agent providing financial services to agribusiness and related sectors of economy.

Cooperation between an insurance company, a borrower and the Bank in the process of provision of insurance protection aimed to ensure the fulfillment of conditions of loan agreement is to proceed in accordance with Interaction procedure between Russian Agricultural Bank and insurance company.The Bank offers its clients such remote banking services as "Bank-Client" and "Internet-Client that allows choosing which is best suited to the customers business.The insurance conditions must provide an insurance protection against insurance risks.Russian Agricultural Bank cooperates with leading global export credit agencies.Deposit certificates A Russian Agricultural Bank deposit certificate is a registered security, which certifies the amount of a deposit in Russian Federation currency that has been deposited at the Bank and the depositors (certificate holders) rights to receive, upon expiry of an established term, the.Performance of obligations by the borrower may be pledged by liquid assets and/or property rights, warrantee, bank guarantee, including the guarantee of constituents of the Russian Federation.Cooperation with Insurance Companies To comply with loan agreement in part of insurance protection a customer is free to choose any insurance company which meets the Banks requirements to insurance companies.Precious Coins Operations Commemorative precious coins have a high level of decoration and impeccable quality coinage.Russian Agricultural Bank accepts as collateral: Real estate, including agricultural land; Equipment; Transport facilities; Commodities; Farm animals; Future crop; Property rights (including those certified by the security).Lending to Russian agricultural commodity producers for purchases of advanced machinery, equipment and pedigree bonus pokerstars primo deposito livestock on the basis of loans to Russian Agricultural Bank from banks of various oecd counties under the guarantees from the respective export credit agencies is increasing rapidly.As s part of the merchant acquiring agreement the Bank provides retailer and service outlets with the necessary equipment (electronic terminal its installation and configuration, expendable materials for the organization of payment cards transactions, maintenance of equipment installed, and provides briefing for employees.Safety Deposit Box Russian Agricultural Bank offers to corporate and retail customers to lease individual safety deposit boxes to store cash, jewelry, securities, documents and other valuables.The advantages of merchant acquiring are: Increase in competitiveness of retailer and service outlets by upgrading to a new level of customer services; Increase in sales by attracting new types of customers cardholders that are not limited to the amount of available cash; Reduced costs.