Not enough to lose out on hestia kotobukiya with bonus item Chi Burst in raids, or Zen Pulse.
What "additional Blackout Kick" means is the stacks from Teaching of the monastery.15 of Sheilun's Gift's total healing (including overhealing and boosts from outside sources) is replicated on every person with Renewing Mist on them.Legendary items changes, ei'thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas had its duration given to HoTs increased to 5 seconds, making this legendary very helpful whenever you're tank healing with Enveloping Mist.2018: Updated for Patch.1.Tier 6, refreshing Wind Jade - Summon a whirling tornado around you, causing (33 of Spell power) * 13 healing over 9 sec to up to 6 allies within 10 yards.It is an aoe heal around you.
Abilities - If you're an average / advanced player you can skip those Blackout Kick : Kick with a blast of Chi energy, dealing (469.7 of Attack бонусы pokerstars при регистрации power) Physical damage.
It will definitely see some use in fights where the positioning of adds matters.

Removes all Magic, Poison, and Disease effects from the target.It is a burst-like heal meaning it heals much for 3 min.Definitely nice to have in magic intensive fights.Unfortunately, the Mistweaver Monk passive had its buff to Mistweaver Crackling Jade Lightning go from a 900 buff to a 400 buff, resulting in an overall damage loss from Crackling Jade Lightning.It is a very strong ability and the main focus of this spec.The thing with it is that the range is pretty patron bonus tsw low, meaning it is the best choice for a stack fight but not for all the situations.Tier 5, healing Elixir - It's an active/passive ability (this means it activates itself) that heals you for 15 of your total hp, it has 2 charges and it activates itself if you drop below.
It is usefull in pretty much all scenarios it's just a filler to keep your mana up and your allies.
Otherwise, it will cast Detox on your current target.