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This is an artiodactyl quadruped.
Other lines on this surface, among which hatches and straight lines, do not seem to be related to this figure.
Cortés-Sánchez M, Morales-Muñiz A, Simón-Vallejo MD, Lozano-Francisco MC, Vera-Peláez JL,.New Zealand Journal of Zoology 11(3 277306.The fragment retains only the end of the cervical-dorsal line, the tail, the line of the buttocks and the beginning of the hind leg.Claassen C (1998) Shells.At Gargas, a significant proportion of distant origin flint (up to the Dordogne and the southern side of the Pyrenees) was found in recent excavations.New data from Mumba Rockshelter Bed V (Tanzania) and their implications for the origin of modern human Behavior.4Isturitz Chamber is impressive by its scale with a surface of over 1,500 m, highlighted by a ceiling height up to 15 m locally.Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology.11) 44Fragmented pebble with impact remains on the lower part.R Foundation for Statistical Computing.The pattern has been engraved through several incisions, which had led.69Under this figure, two legs, with hatching which could represent a beard and a stomach line are visible.The layer was "as dry as the previous was wet, made more of black ashes than soil, packed with bone fragments, constituting a black mass dotted with red and yellow" (Saint-Perier, Saint-Perier 1952: 80).Trabajos Varios del SIP 115.After a sounding campaign showing a very strong archaeological potential (Normand, Turq 2006 an excavation operation was set up in 1999 in the Saint Martin Chamber.
El caso de la Cueva de Nerja (Málaga, Andalucía, España).
De Saint-Perier, which, in light of current data, cannot be accepted.

Journal of Archaeological Science 36: 22132223.Badal E, casino senator Carrión Y (2001) Del Glaciar al Interglaciar: los paisajes vegetales a partir de los restos carbonizados hallados en las cuevas de Alicante.None of the parts seems to belong to the same figure, and in this case, this is not due to the fragmentation of support.An indeterminate quadruped is superimposed on it, with the cervical-dorsal line, the line of the chest, front leg, stomach line and back leg.Zoom Original (jpeg, 204k) Ist.6In 2011, a new team led.It is decorated on both sides.Blasco R, Fernández Peris J (2009) Middle Pleistocene bird consumption at level XI of Bolomor Cave (Valencia, Spain).Universidad Complutense de Madrid.Stringer CB, Finlayson JC, Barton RNE, Fernández-Jalvo Y, Cáceres I,.Passemard connected the portion of the XY layer from which it comes to the Aurignacian of the Grande Salle (1930 while the Saint-Perier refused the presence of the Gravettian in Saint Martin Chamber (1952).The youtube casino slots 2017 study of the compressors, the human remains and the bone industry also showed interlayer connections, particularly in levels II and III, in some cases confirmed by radiocarbon dating (Gambier ; Beaune 1997; Goutas 2004; Pétillon 2004, 2006; Szmidt.
The stratigraphic origin of the plaquette is not certain, because of the acronym problem (marked as Ist.

Figure 20 - Flint Ist.