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Escape Velocity Nova has a few - mainly, the fact that you with little doubt is the universe incarnate in two of the storylines, certainly isn't in one of the storylines, and has some question-marks regarding that status in the remaining three storylines.
However, there is a coherent truth but no one route ever shows it to you all at once.
Pulp Hero has "floating perquisites" such as Floating Contacts and Floating Favors that a character can buy and leave undefined when they are purchased during character construction.
( Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards ).The Blade Runner Adventure Game had several plot points (such as whether characters were replicants or not) decided either at random in each game, or depending on the choices the player made.It would be revealed that the boys were always clones.This turns out to be a plot point.Then they'd just add on the appropriate head (which is why some portrait figures have oddly long necks).In The Last Remnant, a side quest features an amnesiac named Jorgen who asks you to bring him three items that will help him remember his past.DM of the Rings : During a dice roll for an enemy attack, the dice accidentally drops beneath the table to an inconvenient spot.Whether they turn out to be male or female changes depending on your choices.If they play, they write an additional letter either in front of or after the previous letters.See Adam Cadre ica bonus apotek hjärtat 's Photopia, for instance.On one path in Corpse Party : Book of Shadows, Mitsuki ends up facing ominous approaching footsteps, with a choice to wait or run away.

That's it, good grammar and Mastery over English.Additionally, the more complicated and dramatic a description is, the more dice the players receive, providing massive incentive to weave complicated and dramatic descriptions.If you don't warn him, then he attempts to open the case, triggers the bomb, and dies.Venture would clone the boys.Hilarity Ensues if they jump the gun and publish a wrong article.RuneScape : In one quest you are given a mysterious box and told not to open.