At 2nd level, the shadowdancer retains his or her dexterity bonus to armor class, even if flat-footed.
Slippery Mind: At 7th level, if the shadowdancer fails her Will save against a mind-affecting spell, she makes an automatic reroll.
SoU completed :D Added class quests to Prelude.
Human Paladin/Sorcerer If you plan on being a sorcerer, you should start with one level in Paladin (or one level in Rogue then one level in Paladin).Skills Artist (L1, Bard, Perform2, Spot2) Courteous Magocracy (L1, Lore2, Spellcraft2) Silver Palm (L1, Appraise2, Persuade2) Thug (L1, Initiative2, Persuade2) Blooded (L1, Initiative2, Spot2) Skill Focus (Chosen Skill3) Improved Parry (Parry4) Alertness (Listen2, Spot2) Stealthy (Hide2, Move Silently2) Improved Initiative (Initiative4) Superior Initiative # Epic.This shadow is extremely difficult to turn and becomes more powerful as the shadowdancer gains levels.At 10th level, the shadowdancer gains Improved Evasion where you take only half damage even if the saving throw fails.Prestige Classes do not suffer from the 20 XP penalty significant class bonuses Barbarian 1D12 HP/level, Fast Movement (10 movement speed) Rage (STR4, CON4, Will2, AC-2 Greater Rage (STR6, CON6, Will3, AC-2) Uncanny Dodge (retain DEX bonus when caught flat footed) Bard Bardic Knowlegde (bonus.Even if you never level up the Rogue class again, you will always have the chance of causing extra damage with a sneak attack, still be able to use equipment worth less than 4800GP restricted to a particular class and get a great head start.At 5th level, the shadowdancer gains a 1 to Reflex saving throws.If you save the game before opening a container or killing an enemy you can reload it to get a different item.(A.9) Multiplayer When playing cooperative multiplayer games a character created for the single player campaign will work well.

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Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Halflings, Humans, Orcs Aberrations Beholder Drider Ettercap, Hook Horror, Intellect Devourer, Mind Flayer Umber Hulk, Will-O'-Wisp Animals (wild and Domesticated) Badgers, Bat, Bears, Birds, Boars, Dog, Felines, Wolves and others Beasts Gray Render, Stirge Constructs Golems, Horrors, Minogon, Shield Guardian.Thanks to arQon for that suggestion.Area Guide, key XP - Experience Point STR - Strength HP - Hit Point DEX - Dexterity SP - Skill Point CON - Constitution AC - Armor Class INT - Intelligence GP - Gold Piece WIS - Wisdom DC - Difficulty Check CHA - Charisma.In the Creator Race Ruins you have to destroy three Old One Guardian Golems to get three Golem Keys.AC Penalty applies to Hide, Move Silently, Set Trap, Pick Pocket and Parry - Any bp bonus club card weapon that does 1D6 or 4 or more elemental damage will glow!Component Left Urn (Defensive) Right Urn (Offensive) Belladonna 6 Haste 4 Slow Slaad Tounge 6 Energy Buffer 10 Kill, Save vs Death DC14 Ruby 1 Spell Mantle 1 Flame Arrow Ruby x3 3 Greater Spell Mantle 3 Multiple Flame Arrows Dragon's Blood 1 Greater Stoneskin.
Massive SoU item update, two new quests and as always corrections.
Introduction, this FAQ is not a walkthrough but more of a quick reference.

As a Wizard starting with 16 INT you get 12 SP at the start, 3 SP per level and 3 bonuses to the four INT related skills.
Mystery Items - does anyone know what to do with the following?
Added Feats section and several tables to Appendix A Started including expansion pack 1 - Shadows of Undrentide (SoU) SoU Drogan's Home completed, minor corrections.